Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Kinda Routine Around Here

We seem to be plagued with endless days of intermittent sun between rains.....!!!  Lots of rains - little sun!  It is always a judgement call whether to start or even try to complete outdoor projects.

Late last week, I started washing the exterior of our house. The vinyl siding and eaves need a good wash, every couple of years, and it seemed that now was a good time to get that done.  I use a bucket with warm soapy water, a good brush and a hose to spray off the suds and dirt.  It seems that every time I filled the bucket and hauled out the hose, it would start to rain.  Oh well!  I just worked in the rain.  I had about one quarter of the house left to wash and that was accomplished this morning (also in the rain). One more home improvement project completed!  Yeah!

We also pressure washed our driveway and sidewalks so the spring work jobs list is getting done.
Photo taken from the Stihl Web site...Same gas powered tool though....!
Jeanette spent several hours working in the garden.   Being the green thumb in our household, she sure keeps things looking nice.  I fired up the Stihl combi hedge trimmer and once the cedar hedge was trimmed,  Jeanette busied herself with gathering several bags of cedar hedge clippings for curb side recycling.

Our pond project has been on hold while we patiently wait for some good weather before I install some pre-made forms, pour cement and finally raise the pond above grade.  It is looking like Friday, Saturday and Sunday will finally deliver the much needed dry weather to work on that.  I am sure looking forward to completing that task.

The pond could look like this once completed
A new pond liner will then be placed over the existing one and, once done,  I'll make it all look pretty with rock and flagstone.  With the pond raised above grade,  we're hoping it will end the constant silting that called for frequent pond cleaning.

A couple of weeks back, I had my annual visit with our doctor. We chatted about my state of health and she took my blood pressure.  She mentioned that I was one of the very few patients who doesn't suffer from 'white coat syndrome'.  Some patients feel anxiety, while in a doctor's office, and their blood pressure reflects that.  My blood pressure was perfect!  Weight was good.  Heart rate was good.

As part of the regular routine though, she put together a list of tests that she wanted me to have done at a local lab. I  fasted for 12 hours then headed to the lab this past Tuesday.
Three vials of blood were taken....
I did not need a cat scan but other routine tests were taken and that was that.

The hole in my arm was covered with a bandage and I was good to go.  I`ll wait for the results but, in a few days, I can go on line (with a special password) and check the results for myself.

And that is the kind of routine stuff that has been happening around here.

Thanks for dropping by.


  1. I'm really getting cabin fever with all this rain ! Think I've only been out for one short ride in the last two weeks !!

  2. rain and more rain! nuff said!
    good job on getting all the 'chores' done!

  3. We're in the same boat here - just watching the grass grow longer waiting for the rain to start.

    Glad your checkup went o.k.

  4. Nice to hear you had a good check up...wish we could get results online!

  5. Nice to hear you had a good check up...wish we could get results online!

  6. Nice to hear you had a good check up...wish we could get results online!