Friday, May 17, 2013

Golf, Riding and Back Breaking Work...

The title pretty well describes the few days since our return from  Palm Springs.
NHL Vancouver Canucks new Summer Logo
With the Vancouver Canucks players now on the golf course (Toronto Maple Leafs too), the Ottawa Senators is the last Canadian team in the playoffs.  We'll hope for a good round...but.....hmmmmm.....not certain that team will get past this next one.

So....speaking of golf, I was out there with the sticks last Wednesday, trying to lower my handicap.  Not having played these past couple of weeks had me struggling a bit out there.  

Rain was in the forecast but the weather prognosticators got it all wrong.  It was a beautiful and sunny, warm day.

Easton came by for a Tuesday visit and immediately tried out his little John Deere scooter.
He was keen to help his Nana retrieve the mail so out they went for a walk
When we purchased our present home, it was clear to me that the custom built pond in the back yard would be problematic.  Silting and fouling is an issue.  It was built below grade.  Why?  Seems silly to imagine any fair thinking person would conceive of such a thing.  The pond is at the  lowest end of the back yard.  All rain, dirt and sand runs down there and the pond became the collection place. Not good!
Using the pressure washer to clean off the scum and the Shop Vac to empty the water from the pond... A couple of little green frogs were not thrilled with losing their home....temporarily we hope.
I knew I would have to empty it, clean it out, remove the liner edge and raise the entire pond at least a few inches above grade.  That is what I was doing for the better part of today.  Bull work best describes the hours playing in water and mud.
The initial installer had shoveled buckets and buckets of river rock at the bottom of the rubber liner.  It took me a couple of hours to empty all of that.
I cleared all the rocks and then scraped the liner and kept pressure washing and using the Shop Vac to remove the mud collected at the bottom. Once clean, I managed to get it dirty again when lifting and removing the liner edge.  But....I know how to clean it and that will happen once I am satisfied with the lift and height.
What a job!!!
Rain was in the forecast and by 2:00 pm today, it started in earnest.  I put my tools away and headed for the shower.  The rain was welcome relief....certainly for my aching back!
Easton came by to inspect the work.  He kept saying "HI" as I was working.  He did come out to have a look and instantly wanted to jump into my arms.....!  I was seriously coated in mud but that mattered not to him.
Once the rain stops (today, tomorrow, the next day....) I will resume my pond project.  With the renovated pond above grade, we should no longer have a silting problem that leads to algae growth and muddy waters.  That's the theory....!  

Ginette, Easton and Jeanette headed out to the local park for an afternoon walk.  Easton is so attracted to mechanical things and his mom had to get him close to this mower.

Easton and his mom gave the Electra Glide their seal of approval....
.....then headed back for his toys in the house.

Son in law Trevor is a licensed motorcyclist and we rode over to their home one evening to let them go for a ride.  They did just that. 
Trevor is checking out all the features....

.....returning from their test ride
 I know Trevor loved riding the Harley.  He was beaming!

The long weekend is almost upon us but the better part of our time will be spent on back yard projects - including the pond lift.

Not a lot more to report on.  Thanks for dropping by.


  1. I finally gave up the battle and stopped anonymous comments on my blog about 2 weeks ago, Rene. It stopped all the spam dead in its tracks and I haven't noticed any drop in comments whatsoever. Just a thought.

    I don't envy you the pond job at all - it is back-breaking and mind-numbing work for sure. We did ours a few years ago, it was brutal.

    Easton seemed to have his eyes on your shiny new Harley - better watch out.

  2. That's a great Canucks logo. That should make up some T-shirts, and I think they'd be big sellers.
    Take it easy on the rocks, that looks like hard work.

  3. No wonder you back is sore... it looks like hard work, and you not done yet.

    Who wouldn't be beaming riding a nice Harley like that. Sure is a nice looking bike to ride!

  4. Quite a bit of work but you got it one.
    Nothing quite like riding a Harley!

  5. Now if only they broke their backs as much as you did on this one! Is the pond a man-made one? If it is, can you just cover it up? You could spend a lot of time maintaining it, so either you'd invest in some equipment, as what you have done with your washer, or just fill it up with dirt.
    German Zollinger @