Monday, May 27, 2013

Weekend Visitors and A Birthday

Ours was truly a family oriented weekend.  Deni and Courtney were flying in from Edmonton, cousin Darcie was visiting from Vancouver Island, on her drive to visit family in the BC Interior and Alberta, and we had Easton for a sleepover.
Friday evening @ Abbotsford Airport to collect Courtney and Deni who flew in from Edmonton, Alberta.
Courtney and Deni were in for the weekend to attend one of his high school friend's wedding reception.  They spent Friday evening and part of Saturday with us before driving off to visit with Courtney's family and, later, attending the reception in White Rock.
Unloading luggage at our home.
Our daughter, Ginette, was celebrating her birthday and Jeanette got busy baking a funky cake to emulate a muffin.  It turned out quite well.
Ginette's custom made birthday cake.
Saturday morning breakfast
Trevor was busy with training stuff and was not able to join us on Saturday morning for breakfast but when Ginette and Easton arrived, we got busy with eating and celebrating.
The birthday girl, sitting in our sun-room
The sun room heated nicely so we moved in there after breakfast to light the birthday cake and to have Ginette open presents.
Easton loved the icing on this cake.
When our celebrations were over with, we got caught up on everyone's lives and activities before Ginette left Easton with Jeanette and I and then drove Courtney and Deni to Courtney's family home in Cloverdale.
A parting photo with Easton
Another parting photo to include Jeanette...
Easton is so familiar with us and our home that when his parents leave him here, it is of little concern.  He knows where his toys are and he busies himself with play.  He was here for an overnight.  Ginette and Trevor were invited to a large family gathering and would not get back home till quite late.  We're happy to have Easton for a sleepover.....anytime!
Playing with these awesome wooden toys that our kids played with when they were his age.
Jeanette kept most of the best kiddie toys when our kids outgrew them.  They are now finding their way out of storage and back in the hands of the next generation.  Great fun!
Between rains, Jeanette had Easton out in his stroller and walking around our area.  Grazing cows drew his attention.  He loves to watch everything and the newness of it all is a magnet for his curiosity.
Darcie arrives from Vancouver Island, late Saturday afternoon.
Jeanette's cousin Darcie called us at 2:30 pm stating that she would make the 3:00 pm ferry from Victoria to the mainland and would be at our home by late afternoon.  We held off dinner till she arrived.  Darcie was also celebrating a birthday so we re-lit the muffin cake and had her blow out the candles.  A little celebratory shot of Tequila was raised for the occasion.
Easton looks on as he learns about these birthday traditions.
Easton played for a bit more before we settled him down for the night.  He was quickly asleep.  
Jeanette and I treasure the time spent with our little grandson.  It is such a treat whenever he comes over.
Darcie, Jeanette and I then sat in the family room and chatted till we called it a night.  Easton slept all night.  We picked him up when we heard him playing in his bed at 6:30 Sunday morning.  He kept busy playing in the kitchen before Darcie was up.  With a nice  breakfast had, Darcie said her bye byes and drove off to visit her father in the BC West Kootenay city of Nelson.

Easton hung out with us till about 1:00 pm when his mom dropped in to gather him and his stuff and head back for their home.

Courtney and Deni texted at 10:00 pm, last night, when their flight landed back in Edmonton.

And that is the extent of our fun filled weekend.

Thanks for dropping by.


  1. Well, that certainly was a great family weekend.

    Please add my birthday wishes to Ginette - I liked her Birthday Cake.

    I guess we'll be doing some sleepovers with our grandson pretty soon now - can't wait for that!

  2. Happy birthday to your lovely daughter!! nice way to celebrate!

  3. Please pass on our best wishes to the Birthday girl. And just wait until you have two grandkids to enjoy. It's hard to decide if it's twice as much fun, or twelve times as much work!

  4. Happy birthday celebrations with family are so much fun, nice that you can do it!

  5. Great way to celebrate Family Birthdays! Easton continues to grow!