Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Overnight in Cambria

We arrived in the enticing little village of Cambria, on the Central Coast of California, at 6:30 pm, Wednesday. On a normal riding day, we would have been in San Fransisco but we were delayed leaving Oxnard due to an 11:30 am conference call with folks back home.  We did not leave for our ride till 12:30 pm.
Highway 1 along the California coast.
The weather was perfect.  It was neither too hot nor too cold.  Ideal is a word that comes to mind for motorcycling.
We took a break here before heading into Pismo Beach.
Paddle boarding is increasing in popularity.
We saw numerous RVers who were dry camped along the sea shore.  It appeared that many were set up for the long term.
 Although there were occasional threatening rain clouds, we skirted them and stayed dry.
 The lush countryside lends itself well to cattle grazing.  And we did see a lot of grazers on the hills and in the valleys.
Before long, we were riding in countryside dotted with rows upon rows of grapes.  Yes, this is wine country.
One tunnel along Route #1
Beautiful rollings hills with grapes a growing.
The entrance to the State Park at Pismo Beach is where vehicles are allowed to drive along the beach.  We saw several trucks and dune buggies enjoying the sand and surf.

We have read many blogs, these past few years, by RVers who revel about Pismo Beach.  We looked  forward to having a look.  It does not disappoint. It is a tourist mecca and, based on the numerous RV parks we saw riding into the beach town, this place caters to RVers.
Arriving at Pismo Beach...and heading to the waterfront.
Rick & Paulette's RV Travels is one couple that has blogged about their experiences here.  A most recent trip was in early April, on their planned route back for Vancouver Island in British Columbia.     
The old hotel
Having skipped lunch, we were hungry and it was an easy decision to find a dinner place in Pismo
A great boardwalk
We enjoyed a waterfront view while enjoying some grilled cod.  And it was good!  
We thought about finding accommodations in Pismo but it was only 5:30 pm, when we finished our meal, and with our late start today, we chose to head further north.
Arriving into Cambria, on the Central California Coast.
We rolled into this great litle historic village and discovered a busy, funky motel with a few rooms available.  After checking out one room, we chose to opt in.  We changed out of our riding gear, walked into town and found a neat little craft beer pub. 
This town is a great find.  We are glad we stopped here.  It is clearly historic and is reminiscent of a Tudor style Old English village.
Coffee shops abound.....and, as we learned, coffee is grown in these parts.
Very quaint.....very pretty.......very clean and very pleasant!
There is not one fast food chain to be found in this town.  What a treat that is.  With many restaurant choices, there is something to satisfy any palate.

Old historic home that now operates as a B&B
We enjoyed walking all over this great little town.  It's history is an interesting one.  To find these great little spots along our travels is what we strive to experience. Cambria is a standout!

With an earlier start tomorrow (Thursday), we plan to be somewhere north of San Fransisco.....but we'll see how it all goes.  There is Big Sur, Carmel, Pebble Beach (and its famous golf courses) and other distractions along our route. 
At the entrance to Pismo Beach State Park

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  1. Looks like another great day on the coast. Some day we will get that far

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  3. It looks like you're having a great ride. How's the comfort level of the HD compare to the Nomad?

  4. Your photos of the drive through Pismo Beach and of Cambria brought back some great memories of our several stops in that area.

    We really liked Cambria as well - it was a fun town to walk around.

    Have fun at Pebble Beach! It's awesome to see.

  5. Soon you are just going to want to drive that new Harley everywhere! Enjoy!