Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Under The Weather

In more ways than one!  I'm not certain if working on the back yard pond - and getting wet- was the cause but our west coast area and I have been under the weather since the last blog post.
It has been raining - more on than off - these past few days.  There is little let-up in the days ahead.  The forecast is for more rain.

I, on the other hand, have been plagued with a debilitating head cold. It has been several years since the last one.  This one is a doozie!

I felt a scratchy throat on Sunday morning.  Although still feeling fine, Jeanette and I chose to skirt the clouds and head off on the motorcycle for Fort Langley and a favourite little breakfast place we enjoy.
Heading out
In Fort Langley
Nice signage
Quiet morning
Back at home, my throat was getting more scratchy and uncomfortable.  Friends, Lorne and Mariette, were coming over for Sunday dinner so while Jeanette busied with food preparation, I edited some photos for an article I was asked to write for the CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation) 20 Year Association.

Dinner was great but I had little appetite.  Our friends were a great distraction for the increasingly sick feelings I was experiencing.

Monday morning proved what I believed was inevitable.  I had a cold....and a doozie it is.  It is a head cold.  The left side of my face ached and it felt like my teeth would fall out.  Ouch!!!

Sinus cold medicine did help but sleep was not to be.  Like all colds, this one had to run its course. 
Others I know seem to sleep off colds but in my case, sleep is hard to find.  I am lucky to have slept six hours these past two nights combined.  It is exhausting!  Although resting comfortably, sleep continues to elude me.  I don't know why!  I am taking nighttime (drowsy) cold medicine but it is not effective in assisting with sleep.

My symptoms show signs of improving though and I feel that I may be able to get out and about to run some errands today.  We'll see!

So that is about all there is to report!  Far from exciting, it is my reality.

Thanks for dropping by.


  1. sorry to hear you are under the weather! darn spring colds can be doozies! take care and we hope you feel better soon!

  2. Glad to hear your starting to feel a bit better.

  3. Glad to hear you are feeling at least a little better. Colds are miserable and do have to run their course unfortunately!

  4. Soon you be brand new and feeling great again!
    Then be on top of the weather.

  5. Take consolation in that you know it's over soon, and you might as well be under the weather when the weather is crappy. Then you can feel good when the sunshine returns! I had my bout with a cold shortly after we got back from Arizona, while we had all our company, and that wasn't much fun.

  6. Nothing worse than a bad head cold and not much you can do about it either other than rest and wait!

    I'd blame it on digging in that backyard pond - gotta blame something.

    Hope you are feeling a bit better by the weekend as I know you and Jeanette are always busy.

  7. Get feeling better... Lots of summer to go yet!