Friday, May 24, 2013

Healing and Golfing

In the previous blog I mentioned how it had been several years back when I last was plagued with a head cold.  I'm hoping I can avoid another for several more years.  That was no picnic!  I am not a patient patient, if you get the drift!  LOL

I'm back to about 80%...and that is good enough to get back outdoors. Can't wait!!!!  My energy level is returning and the 'feeling good' part is a blessing!

This return to better health is great because today is set aside for golf. Our group is meeting at our home this morning and we'll drive east to the Sandpiper Golf and Country Club. We play this course once or twice every year.  With great golf deals available, this course was our choice for the weekly round.
Sandpiper Golf and Country Club, Harrison Mills, BC
My back yard pond rehabilitation project has sat idle for one week since I drained, cleaned and prepped it for raising it above grade.  Well.....the relentless rains, this week, undid all of my work.  While I was rehabilitating from the head cold, the pond filled up with muddy water. With a forecast for sun from Sunday on, I will once again pump out the water and begin forming the retaining wall and reinforcing with re-bar before I mix and pour cement.  More on that project when I am back working on it in earnest.

Using his little John Deere for stability, Easton spends more and more time figuring out how to walk on his own.
Although he has taken his first few steps without any stabilizing aids,  Easton spends a fair bit of time practicing.  He'll surprise us all soon as he gains comfort on two legs.
Ginette and Easton dropped by yesterday to pick up Jeanette. They headed off for a nice hike in one of the many local woodland parks near here.  It was a dry day for a walk.  Before long, Easton was sound asleep.
Jeanette and Ginette sat on a park bench and let Easton sleep.  The flowing creek underneath provided some soothing sound.
Our 5th wheel has been at the Fraserway RV facility in Abbotsford, BC, since our return from our winter journey.  It is there to have some wiring and body work repaired as a result of the early January tire blowout on the I-5 in southern California. 

I dropped by there yesterday. A review has been concluded on the work required (under the insurance claim) but little has been done.  Insurance companies do work at a slow pace sometimes.  It's not a pressing issue for us but it brings into question the need for better communication between the repair facility and the insurance company.  I'll apply some gentle pressure on this next week.

The only other accomplishment, while recovering from the cold, was to edit the photos and complete  the article I was asked write for the CBC 20 Year Association.  It will be published this early June. The article's focus is on our RVing experiences.

Although I left the CBC- Canadian Broadcasting Corporation - some 20 years or so ago, I am a 20 Year Association member and still keep in contact with some former work colleagues.

Our son Deni and his wife Courtney are flying in this evening.  They are here for a weekend visit and to attend one of Deni's high school friend's wedding. They will overnight at our home tonight and with Courtney's family tomorrow night before jetting back to Edmonton this Sunday night.

That's my report.  Nothing more to add.

Thanks for dropping by.


  1. Thats great that your cold is heading away. Sure will be nice to get that energy back again.
    Enjoy the visit with you son and daughter-in-law.

  2. Hope you enjoy your day of golf, looks like a beautiful course to play. Also, glad to hear your feeling much better. Wow! Easton has grown so much. Enjoy your visit with the kids and have a great Friday!

  3. Nice looking golf course.

    Easton's sure to be walking on his own any day now from the looks of it.

    The pond? I've often thought I'd be better just filling ours in and planting grass! Maybe a nice little putting green instead??

  4. Glad you are feeling better. Easton will be running around soon, that is for sure!