Monday, May 13, 2013

Export / Import Day @ the US/Canada Border

Tillamook Cheese Factory in Tillamook, Oregon
We  motorcycled out of Tillamook by 9:30 yesterday morning (Sunday). The road was bare but there was a threat of rain.  There was little traffic.
Grey skies but we still had great views.
In our personal view, the Oregon coast features some of the best coastal topography on the Pacific seaside.  The west coast of Vancouver Island presents great views too but one gets to drive and view more ocean in Oregon.
This area signaled that we were nearing one of our favourite spots - Canon Beach.
This area is famous for winter storm watching. We spent about one half hour enjoying the surf at Tolovena Park in Canon Beach.
The famous 'Haystack Rock'
Good wave action and great surf sounds......
After taking in the sights and sounds, we continued north on the 101 towards Seaside and Astoria, Or.
The Astoria bridge over the Columbia River.
The Columbia River (with its headwaters in Canada) is a major shipping channel in these parts.  Large ships make their way up river to Portland and points further east into Washington State.
High bridge for ships....
We saw two cruise ships.  The one in the photo below was a Norwegian Cruise Liner.  It was at dock.

The smaller cruise ship, above, was in the Columbia River and making its way eastward - likely toward the city of Portland.
The City of Astoria  - taken from the ramp up towards the bridge.
At the very top of the bridge, we were held up for the placing of a construction crane on the deck.  That gave us the opportunity to get some great views of the surroundings.
Once the flag-girl waved us through the construction zone, we rode over the bridge and continued along the long, long, long floating bridge, over the Columbia River, and into Washington State.
We continued north on the 101 and within minutes, after entering Washington, the rain began in earnest.  It was not a continuous rain; nor was it a heavy downpour.  It was more of an on and off west coast style drizzle.
Foggy coastline
On and off drizzle.....
We left the Washington State coastline and headed east on Highway 12, towards the I-5, just south of Olympia, the State Capital.  Once away from the coast it was clear riding, with no moisture, all the way to our overnight spot, one half hour from the Canadian Border, in the small city of Burlington, WA.

We rolled seamlessly through Seattle....
Although Seattle's I-5 traffic always seems like an endless rush hour (even on weekends), we kept pace in the HOV lanes.  We rolled through this busy area without having to stop.  

Once in Burlington, we settled into a nice Inn before heading out for a nice Mother's Day dinner. 

We are soon to roll toward the US border to officially export the Harley Davidson motorcycle from the US and then cross over to the Canadian border to officially import it there.  We're only a 1/2 hour ride away from home.

Thanks for dropping by.


  1. Your posts are much like living our trip home all over again as so many of the sights you took photos of are the same ones we did (i.e. Haystack Rock).

    Glad you've made it safely up to the Canadian border and here's hoping the Export/Import process goes smoothly for you.

  2. Sure don't think you could of had much better May weather then what you experienced on this trip. You missed our heat wave, and dodged the rain. It's 107 as I write this, can't wait for two weeks to be on my way back to BC. just to hot for my liking. Hope your border crossing went well. Enjoyed all today's pics, beautiful.

  3. Glad all is going well...good luck at the Border tomorrow.

  4. So what did you two think of Bandon? There's a few RV parks there and My Fella and I are considering staying around that area for a week when we head south this fall.
    We only drove thru it on the way home from California and didn't stop, but it looked really pretty. Quiet, but lots to see if you like coastline. Thoughts?

    p.s. Good luck with the import tomorrow - hope it goes smooth...

  5. hope the import went well! and the rains held off until you arrived home safe and sound!

  6. Such a wonderful trip up the coast, thanks for taking us along.
    I am sure the import with go very well.

  7. Wonderful trip!! Hope your border crossing went well.Good Luck!!

    US Entry Waiver