Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Rock Hunting

With the pond silting issue fixed, Jeanette and I went hunting for flagstone to complete the finished look.
Our choice
We have looked at many different rocks and the photo above is our choice to complete the landscaping. 
A lot of stock
The rock supplier, we have chosen to purchase from, has a huge inventory and many varieties.  We'll be able to pick and choose the right lengths and widths.  That will happen  in the days ahead.

Checking out the ride
Easton is attracted to anything motorized.  He emulates the motorcycle sounds and often leads Jeanette and I to our garage.  He loves to go walk around the motorcycles.
Checking things out.
Busy making us laugh
With his developing sense of humour, Easton enjoys having fun.  It's quite funny when he gets rolling with laughter. 
Early morning fun....
When here for a sleepover last weekend, Easton was an early morning jokester.  That Jeanette was able to capture these laughter photos was something that had eluded us in the past.
It rained hard and heavy
Kind of routine here, otherwise, with humdrum weather.  It seems we can't get past too many days without rain.  Last night - at about 9:00 pm - huge clouds started to form in skies above that caused lighting and thunder to strike hard.

The sun will come out in earnest this Canada Day long weekend.  We will plan numerous outdoor activities - guaranteed!

Thanks for dropping by.


  1. Cute little guy! I never realized how difficult it is to get natural looking pics of little ones. My g'kids always seem to be trying too hard to smile.

  2. Sure hope that weather forecast is right! I'm starting to get wrinkled (more!).

    Great pics of Easton, he sure is a happy little guy and why not?

  3. Yep Easton really look like a happy little fellow.

    So Rene when you are done with your landscaping you should pay a visit to Dog Pound North lol.

    Take care

  4. Good to see you enjoying time with Easton...he is one happy looking guy!

  5. Oh My ! I'm REALLY tired of all this rain - not getting any riding in.