Saturday, June 22, 2013

Dragon Boats, Golf and A Sleepover

Daughter in law, Courtney arrived from Edmonton this past week to participate in the   Home | Rio Tinto Alcan Dragon Boat Festival  that started yesterday (Friday).  She and members of her team from that Alberta city will be competing in Vancouver's False Creek this weekend.

Ginette and Courtney take Easton for a nice walk in the park.
Courtney drove out with 40 paddles in her vehicle.  The other team members were flying in. The airlines wanted $20/paddle to ship to Vancouver.  Courtney loves to drive so she offered to transport the paddles.  It is a 12 hour drive from Edmonton to Vancouver.

We wish them well with their race(s) and the fundraising for breast cancer research that is the focus of this and many other dragon boating events worldwide. 

Friday's weather proved positive for a round of golf.  Our group met at a Vancouver golf course I had never played before. Fraserview Golf Course | City of Vancouver is an old course.  Built in the '30, this course was a joy to play.  It is not an easy layout but I sure managed it well. 
The greens were tough.  We witnessed many good puts that rimmed the hole....often.....too often!
In spite of the recent rains here, the course has great drainage.
Easton has been around for several visits, these past couple of days.  We sure enjoy his company.  He loves to laugh and laugh he does - often!  His favourite line, these days, is to point and ask, 'what's that...what's that...what's that?  Great fun!
His parents are guests at a wedding this evening so Easton will have a sleepover at our home.  We're both looking forward to that.  We've planned some outdoor and indoor activities.
As often as we try to get photographs when he's laughing, we keep missing out.  By the time the camera is ready, Easton gets focused on what we are trying to do with the camera and has a serious look.  I think the best approach might be to videotape him.
Serious Easton!
We continue to monitor the flood situation in the city of Calgary, Alberta, where we have many friends and relatives who call that city home.

Jeanette and I called that city home twice, in years past. Those affected by the raging rivers will endure a long and painful cleanup when the rivers do recede.  We sure wish them well.

Sure wonder if the world famous Calgary Stampede will be able to open on time - nine days from now!
I want to take this opportunity to wish my brother, Bernie and his wife, Rita who are celebrating birthdays this weekend, a most HAPPY one!
Me, Rita and Bernie - 2012 in Yuma, AZ
That is our story from here.

Thanks for dropping in.


  1. That is a beautiful photo of "serious Easton". He is a very handsome little man!

    I've been wondering about the Stampede as well. I'll bet they move heaven and earth to pull it off though.

  2. The New slogan for the Calgary Stampede is

    "Come Hell or High Water"

    They will pull it off

    The devastation is truly unspeakable

  3. Calgary sure got hit hard.. I am sure they will pull it together!