Monday, June 10, 2013

Productive Weekend

With the new Metric speedometer installed on the Harley, it passed inspection and is now a bonnafide registered Canadian motorcycle.
A good part of Friday was spent getting the speedometer changed out, having Canadian Tire inspect it for approval into Canada (kind of a joke, really) then registering and insuring it.  It's nice to have that done. It is now legal to ride....and ride I did!
Jeanette with my sister, Paulette, in St. Paul, Alberta
While her mother was at a dental appointment in my former home town, Jeanette got together with one of my sisters. I received this cell phone photo.
Saturday was ideal to get the new pond liner installed, reconnect the plumbing and pump before filling it up.  The retaining wall worked out really well.
I kept busy with removing the concrete forms and prepping the site before Trevor came along to help me lift and move the heavy waterfall rock back into  the pond.  That was a back breaker.  We filled the pond to let the liner find its rightful placement and all I have left to complete is trimming the rubber liner, securing it into the ground and spreading about one inch of cement to overlap the liner with the grade.  I had hopes of completing that on Sunday but it rained.  Can't pour cement in the rain.  So.....another delay due to weather.
Trevor is testing the system....
With rain preventing me from completing the pond works, I rode off to the Sunday morning 'Open Mic' coffee meeting in White Rock.  

I chose to ride.....rain or no rain! 

Like minded guys get together weekly (very weakly) to solve the world's problems.  With only three of us there, we were quick to bring solutions to the pressing world problems.  LOL.  It is just a fun get together with friends who have known each other for many, many years.  There are often 7 - 10 friends who show up for our 'Open Mic' Sunday sessions.
White Rock classic car/truck/motorcycle show and shine
After the 'Open Mike' session, I rode the few blocks to Morgan Crossing where a 'show and shine' was taking place.  With the on and off rain showers, the vintage car owners were busy drying off their classics.  The sun shone bright while I was there.
My favourite 1955 Chevrolet 1/2 ton truck - a true beauty!
I use to own a 1964 Chev truck like this one....but mine was a step side box...
Another 1955 Chevy. 
I am partial to vintage trucks and this show featured several.  The typical custom rods were prevalent and one section was devoted to classic restorations.

Nice '55 Chevy

Not a fan of this paint job....

While I was checking out these wonderful classics, our daughter Ginette, son Deni (and his wife Courtney) along with Jeanette, her sisters and her mom were at a one year celebration since her father's passing one year ago, in Kaleland, Alberta - about 90 minutes east from the city of Edmonton.
Jeanette, Ginette, Mary (Jeanette's mom), Deni and Courtney paying tribute at my father in law's grave site.
Jeanette, Deb, Mary, Darlene and Georgina.
The timing worked well for Ginette, who was on a business trip to Edmonton.  She returns to the coast this evening.  I will meet her at the airport and get her back home to Easton and Trevor.  While away, Trevor's mom, Sandi,  offered her 'Easton sitting services'.

This will be another busy week for me.  Jeanette will be busy too.  She returns home this Thursday morning.  Following a couple of weeks cleaning and clearing out the farm house, I'm sure she'll be glad to be back home

Time to get going!

Thanks for dropping by.


  1. Sure there will be lot's of good riding weather in the up coming weeks, and with all registration paper work complete it's all pure enjoyment now. Always enjoy a good car show, some nice pic's you shared, enjoyed seeing them. Hope you have a great week!

  2. Nice work on the pond. It'll be a great feeling to put that job behind you. It's backbreaking work.

    Must be car show time. A few bloggers have stumbled on to them lately.

  3. A lot of classics, as Rick said it must be the season.

  4. nice looking cars and trucks at the show and shine! and it sure looked like it was sunny at Morgan Creek, most certainly was not very sunny here in Coquitlam on Sunday!

  5. Lots of good riding time to come! Glad the new bike is good to go. Love that 55 Chevy!

  6. love the car show and shines, always nice to look back in time, remembering when!

  7. Great old car/truck photos! Everyone in blog land seems to be involved in some sort of improvement project!