Friday, June 7, 2013

No Time To Blog During This Busy, Busy Week...

It has been a very busy week.  Jeanette is in Alberta tending to family things with her mom and sisters while I kept busy here with work and appointments.  Although I did manage to catch up with reading blogs, I just didn't have the time to write anything.  Add to that the fact that our stories would be kind of mundane and that is reason alone for not writing anything.
Spending time with Easton
Our little guitar strumming Easton was fun to look after when his folks were out to celebrate Trevor's sister's birthday.  With Jeanette away, I was the designated sitter.  That was all pleasure!
Jeanette, Mom and Deb.  Darlene is missing from this photo.
Jeanette, on the other hand, was keeping very busy , with two of her sisters and mom, cleaning out the farm house to ready it for a potential sale. They have taken a few breaks to get their mom to a couple of dental appointments.

As I write this, Jeanette is having lunch with one of my sisters, Paulette, who lives in St. Paul, Alberta.  That is happening while my mother in law is spending time in the dental chair at the local clinic there. 
At my sister in law and brother's place in Yuma, AZ this past winter.
My Yuma, AZ, snowbirding brother and sister in law, Bernie and Rita, also spend their non-USA time in St. Paul, Alberta, but I am not certain if Jeanette has or will have the time to get in touch.  After all, their focus is to get that farm house ready.

Jeanette sharing a hug with our son, Deni, in Edmonton, Alberta
Jeanette did get to spend a few hours with Deni and Courtney, in Edmonton, before continuing the drive to the family farm.  I do know that Deni and Courtney, along with our daughter Ginette, who is in Edmonton on business this week, will be heading out to the farm to lend assistance this weekend.

I, on the other hand, will focus on getting that back yard pond of ours completed with SIL Trevor's assistance this Saturday.

Today was a day for appointments; several of them!  Apart from the routine medical stuff, I chose to trailer our Harley Davidson to the local dealer for a speedometer change over from US to a Metric one.  It took two weeks for the speedometer to arrive.   That done, I will take the motorcycle for final inspection (takes about 15 minutes for that) at a local Canadian Tire shop,  before getting it insured and attaching a new license plate.
A change in weather is calling for sun and blue skies, in the days ahead.
It was raining this morning so I hitched the enclosed Wells Cargo motorcycle trailer to the Nissan truck and loaded the Harley.  Good thing too.  The rain was very heavy,while driving to the dealership, and I just did not care to dress up for rain nor get the motorcycle dirty.  Yea for the enclosed trailer!!!!

The rain has stopped and the weather forecast is a good one.  Sun this afternoon is to be followed by more in the days ahead.  Yea  to that!

That's it.

Thanks for dropping by.


  1. yippee for the sunshine!!! enjoy!

  2. Hey, nothing wrong with being busy! Good to see you both enjoying the summer.

  3. Great pic of Easton with his guitar!

    Looks like good weather for the weekend - bad news is that means the pond work can go ahead.

  4. Yes you both sound busy, busy.

    Selling the family farm. Lots of work involved in that and I am sure a bit emotional.

    As usual Easton is just to cute.

    Take Care

  5. Busy, busy, that is the life of rver's most of the time. Mice that you getting some good weather.