Sunday, June 16, 2013

Busy Week but Normalcy To Return

Phew, it was another busy week for us.

Jeanette returned from Alberta, late last week, feeling that she and her sisters had achieved a large part of the task of emptying their family farm house. 
The family farm house in Alberta
We will return there in late July to complete more clean up works - mainly cleaning up the farm yard.
There is more of this type of scrap metal all around that has to be cleared.
Deb dug into the rhubarb patch. And that was but a small bit of what grows out in the garden.
Mother in law, Mary, was also involved with the girls and it must have been somewhat difficult for her to watch those material things, that were her life, leave the family home.

Janette and her mom
Mary and daughter, Deb.
Darlene and her mom
Darlene is the daughter who lives closet to her mom. As such, she gives up more of her time to look after her mom's needs - such as dental or other medical visits, shopping and more. 
Courtney, Deni and Ginette visit the farm last weekend.
In Edmonton on business, Ginette joined Deni and Courtney on the 80 minute drive out to the farm.

Deni got busy mowing the large lawn-scape.
Here at home on the coast, I was busy with a project that is nearing completion and I did manage to find the time to complete the pond work in our yard. Photos of that in the days ahead.
Jeanette and Deb faced some severe weather on their four hour drive to Calgary from the farm.   There was a very rare threat of a tornado that did not materialize.  Good thing!

Easton loves to make faces.....
With his wonderful sense of humour, Easton and his mom came by for a visit the day Jeanette returned home from Alberta.  He is walking now.....!  Look out!

Broken tail light on our Nissan.
When leaving the Costco parking lot on Friday afternoon, we were about to drive out when another driver did not shoulder check and backed out of his spot to damage our tail light.  Crappy!  I saw him go into reverse and back up without shoulder checking.  I was inches away from escaping any damage.....but the bike rack on his car caught the tail light and made a small dent in the metal above the light..  I am led to believe this tail light costs well over $500.  The local body shop will confirm this in the coming days.
He would not admit fault so we took several photos to prove that the damage was due to his negligence.  Why he simply could not 'man up' is further evidence that 'deny, deny, deny' is symptomatic of the society we live in. 
I filed a report with ICBC (Insurance Corporation of British Columbia) who will rule 'At Fault'.  Either way, the damage will be repaired. Jeanette and I could not believe that not one shopper would stop to offer witness information.  Everyone is in such a bloody hurry and no one cares anymore.  Several people did witness the event. What a society we have evolved into!
R-L  Mark, Wes, Warren and Trevor
On an up note though, our son in law, Trevor, was on the Fraser River - two weeks back - for a father/sons fishing adventure and he caught this wonderful 100 lb prehistoric fish (catch and release, of course). It is a Sturgeon.   Nice!

Golf, this past Friday, was postponed due to rain.  That is two Fridays in a row.  What's with that?

And that is the week that was.

Thanks for dropping by.


  1. what a week you have had!!
    darn people not 'man-ing up' sorry to hear about the tail light, what an inconvenience that is!!
    maybe you will be able to play golf this week?

  2. Yep you have been busy, getting stuff done.
    Too bad about the tail light and the small dent, nothing is a cheap fix anymore either.

  3. Since the other driver was 'in reverse', I'm sure he'll be ruled at fault but it's still pretty annoying to have to go through all the hassle for someone else's carelessness.

    Getting rid of a lifetime of possessions is always pretty difficult. It must be for Jeanette's Mother too.

    Great looking rhubarb.

    Good to see Easton up and walking. Our little guy has a ways to go!!