Wednesday, June 19, 2013

The Past Few Days

Birthday ride for dinner out....
Jeanette had proposed we head out for dinner to celebrate my birthday.  Saturday evening had us heading to a new spot in Fort Langley.
A rest stop at a favourite little park along the Fraser River
We took a detour and dropped in to view the height of the Fraser River, on our way to dinner. 
At the Fort Pub's new outdoor terrace restaurant.
We had not been to the Fort Pub since it renovated and opened its new outdoor terrace.  It was a treat.  Food was quite good and the menu was full of pleasant surprises.
The Fort Langley train station - now a museum
Sunday being Father's Day, we invited Ginette, Trevor and Easton for dinner at our home.  Deni called me from Edmonton to wish me a happy father's day and Courtney joined in on the call too.  
Before dinner, Ginette and Trevor took our new ride and I rode our trusty Nomad on a 45 minute ride in the lovely roads in our area. 
Back home, Easton was helping his Nana with dinner preparations....more or less rearranging her cupboards.

The completed pond - without the flagstones
In the previous blog I mentioned posting new photos of the new and improved pond.  Well, the concrete retaining wall and subsequent water diversion is now complete.  These photos really do not do justice to the new and improved look but once the flagstones and dressing is completed, it should photograph much better. Jeanette and I will go shopping for new flagstones in the days ahead.
Making progress
Another view
Other than those special occasions (birthday and Father's Day) our routine involves looking after the numerous plants we have (that is principally Jeanette's domain) and generally enjoying the fine weather we've been experiencing.

It seems that Easton enjoys his naps while riding around the neighbourhood.
He loves the strawberries from our patch in the back yard...
And that's about it from here.

Thanks for dropping by.


  1. Happy Birthday Rene!! The pond looks beautiful and Nice RIDE you have there.

    Take Care

  2. a belated happy birthday to you, Rene! you went to one of our favourite spots, Fort Langley!

  3. Hope you had a great birthday Rene! Looks like your weather is looking up! Great to get out on the bikes...

  4. The weather shaping up and out on the Bike is just about perfect.

  5. Happy Birthday again!

    The pond looks great - nice job.

    Looking at all the photos of Easton and what he gets up to is a good primer for us with our little guy for the next several months.

  6. Happy Belated Birthday...playing blog catchup the pond...

  7. Happy belated Birthday Rene'. I too am catching up.

  8. Happy belated

    That pond is going to be awesome