Sunday, June 30, 2013

Fun Canada Day Long Weekend....

The weather 'gawds' have pulled a complete reversal and, with blue skies and really hot temperatures, we've opted to celebrate this weekend with all play and no work.  And......, why not?
Riding through the Fraser Valley
Following a few hours of pricing on some back yard home improvement items, on Saturday, we rode off towards Cultus Lake in the Fraser Valley. It is always a nice destination and the area is a family playground on hot days.
It was T-shirt riding weather!
With so many families away for the long weekend, we had the local back country roads all to ourselves.  The agricultural area in the Fraser Valley is always a pleasant destination  and, on this ride, we were rewarded with the sweet smells emanating from ripe raspberry fields and fresh cut hay.  NICE!
One of several ice cream sellers in Cultus Lake
The lake was busy.  Families were enjoying the Provincial and private campgrounds, and the daytime picnic areas.  Boats were busy towing boarders and skiers.  Thousands were working on their tans.

Cultus Lake Golf Course
Upon arrival, we were looking for a nice spot to enjoy a cool, refreshing drink.  Jeanette suggested the outdoor terrace at the local golf course.  Great idea!  A little gem of a place is the restaurant at the Cultus Lake Golf Course.  There we sat on a shade covered deck, enjoying iced tea, while watching the golfers close up their rounds on the 18th hole.  Quiet, serene and pastoral describes the time we spent there.
Beautiful grounds
The golf course club house.
Families were out in force, enjoying the beautiful scenery and weather.  Young and old  combined to test their putting skills on a well manicured - real grass - putting course that parallels the golf course.
One of the golf course holes - with what we coined, 'New Faithful' - the little man made geyser.
Riding through the Provincial campground area - displaying 'no vacancy' signs - we were rewarded with a cross section of barbecue smells emanating from the campsites. Ah yes, the great smells of summer! 

Birchwood Dairy
Birchwood Dairy is an operating farm that also features a lovely deli offering a very large variety of great ice cream.  We dropped in for a break.  Walking around this well organized farm was pleasurable.
Nice grounds....all around!
Nice display of flowers on a wagon from yesteryear.
Families (mainly with little ones) were enjoying the free petting zoo there.  Little goats, calves, horses and more are the draw.
Vintage farm vehicles also dot the Birchwood Dairy landscape.
Old Massey Harris tractor
I'm not sure about this one but I believe it might be a Farmall tractor
So, a lovely day was enjoyed. Riding our motorcycle through such beautiful countryside is a treat we never tire of.

We have plans to ride again today (Sunday).  Following our weekly (very weakly, I might add) gathering of minds at our 'Open Mic', Sunday morning coffee, I'll return home and we'll ride off to another Fraser Valley destination.  We don't plan these daytime destinations.....we merely set off and see where we land.
Birchwood Dairy...(east from Abbotsford, BC, looking north)
Historically, we never head out for long weekend overnight jaunts.  We create our own long weekends when the roads are far less traveled and facilities are more available.


Thanks for dropping in.


  1. Thanks for the tour, Rene, it sure looked like you and Jeanette had a perfect day - and, perfect weather I might add. Here too, finally.

    Enjoy your ride today!

  2. Looks like you had a great ride! Great area to tour...

  3. great day for a ride! we were in Keremeos on Saturday and had clouds, rain and thunder! but it was sunny today and rather warm out!!