Monday, March 10, 2014

Busy....Very Busy....!

Very little time to laze around.  That is the story with us, these past several days.  It's a good thing too!
We're enjoying Sam's RV Spa and Resort.  We've opted to stay here till we start back for home this early  April.
Back from the motorcycle shop and running like a brand new ride.
Last Friday, late afternoon, Hector drove me out to the Beaumont Motorcycle shop that worked on our motorcycle. This motorcycle shop finally isolated and repaired the problem other motorcycle shops could not.  What a treat to find a full service shop with the technical talent and the testing tools to find and repair the issue.  With those repairs, a new rear tire, and new fluids, it runs like a top.  I am thrilled with the result. We can now plan a couple of out of town rides.

L-R  Hector, his sister Rosalind, his wife Diane, friend Connie, Connie's husband Art, me and Rosalind's husband Stan.
Last Friday night - 24 hours before Jeanette's flight back to the Palm Springs country - I was, once again, invited to join this group (photo above) for dinner out in Rancho Mirage.  They chose PF Changs for some good oriental food.  That was a fine choice, as far as I was concerned.  Hmmm....hmmmm....goood!

The winds blew through Desert Hot Springs, a few days back, but the calm and awesome temperatures are here for the next several days.  It has been nothing short of stunning weather this winter.....
Saturday morning was devoted to golf.  Hector and I tried out our clubs early to avoid the early afternoon heat.  It was a good round and Hector played well while it took me at least four golf holes to find a rhythm.  

That Saturday afternoon, I left on a two hour motorcycle ride to test out the work that was completed.  I put the motorcycle through its paces and it responded so beautifully. The new Michelin rear tire added to a solid and comfortable ride too.The torque and power is back.  Nice!
Diane was quick to greet Jeanette once we returned from the Palm Springs airport
I was at the Palm Springs airport on Saturday evening to meet Jeanette.  She flew in at 7:30 pm on Allegiant Air and her flight was on time.  With no luggage to wait for, we were at the truck in mere minutes and on our way back to our RV resort.  Once back, Diane (in pj's and ready for the evening) came by to offers welcoming hugs.  Hector followed that up too.  

You can tell by Jeanette's clothing that she returned from a cooler environment.  It was not long before she changed out into summer clothing.
Hector came to greet Jeanette back too....Jeanette is looking down at Chico (not in the photo) who was patiently waiting for a petting.
It's nice to have Jeanette back in the desert to resume many of our activities.  We have already done that in earnest. 
We are planning to hike up in this area, north of Dillon Road, Desert Hot Springs, in the days ahead.
With the winds abated, the awning came out and the wind braces were attached.  Those braces reduce the need to close the awning when the winds blow.
Installing the wind braces.  Whomever came up with this idea should be fairly rewarded.  This greatly reduces the need to quickly close awnings when the wind begins to blow.
This Monday morning proved to be a good time to tackle a good long hike before the sun would bare down and wear us down. We hiked up to a beautiful high point - south off of Bennett Road - in Desert Hot Springs countryside.
Mt. San Jacinto
About one hour into the hike and we had reached the high point.  We took the time to gaze 360 degrees and enjoy the views of Mt. San Jacinto to the south west and Mt. San Gorgonio the the north west.
At the high point in our hike.  Mt. San Gorgonio is seen directly behind Jeanette
After gazing the surrounding topography, we took a similar path down the hills and back to the flat ground that would eventually return us to our RV park.  Back home, a hearty, late morning breakfast was in order and Jeanette prepared a lovely batch of French Toast that we enjoyed outdoors, sitting in the shade.
Looking southwest towards Palm Springs and Mt. San Jacinto.
We enjoyed a happy hour with some Alberta friends, last evening - before our dinner.  These Albertans invited Hector, Diane, Jeanette and I to watch the final Brier curling game (between the men's Alberta team v. BC).  We sat outdoors, watching the game on their outdoor RV TV,  while enjoying a libation.  Good fun. The BC/Alberta rivalry was fun too.

We hosted dinner at our RV site, outdoors, on a most pleasant evening. (No photos taken though). The evening was topped off with a swim in the pool (no one there but Jeanette and I) before calling it a day.

That's life for us in the sun and sand in this Desert Hot Springs countryside.  Most enjoyable indeed!
Three friendly RV neighbours left this morning for Phoenix and we now have (for a short time, at the very least) wide open spaces next to our site.
Lucky, Hector and I are set up for a round of golf at the Outdoor Resorts golf course in Cathedral City tomorrow (Tuesday) followed by dinner at Lucky and Trena's place.  Jeanette, Diane and Trena have plans to spend the day out and about but they are a little secretive  about revealing their planned activities.  

Little time to goof off.....and we quite like it that way.

Thanks for dropping by.


  1. As usual you are a busy couple! Great to have the bike fixed...

    Where did you get those awning braces...looks like a great idea!

  2. Great looking hike. I'll bet that Jeanette is glad to be back in the sun and warmth, though I'll bet she misses the rest of the newest family members already.

  3. Hi Renee. Found your blog. The Vanderveens made it to Lost Dutchman state park. Beautiful view of Superstitous Mountain. Will hike it tomorrow.

  4. Jeanette looks happy to be back in warmer weather! Isn't this weather just the best this year??

  5. Glad the bike shop found the problem and got it fixed up!

    Jeanette looked like she'd just arrived from the great white north alright. Bet she loves this weather.

    Looks like it's going to be a great morning for golf!

  6. Glad you guys are enjoying the great weather and that Jeanette made it back safe and sound!