Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Hey....No Complaints!

It is interesting how the winds roll around this area of Desert Hot Springs.  One moment the wind  is from the north east and then another moment the wind is from the south west.  That said, this morning the wind was from the north east and it was having a cool down effect.  The temperature will rest at about 75 - 77 degrees for the balance of today (Wednesday). That will change in the next day and more as the temperatures are forecast to rise to mid to high 80's.  As I ready to post this blog, the wind is dying down.
Lovely Outdoor Resort Golf Course.
Lucky and Trena invited us for dinner, last evening and, before that, Lucky, Hector and I played 18 holes on their resort course.  Fun outing.  We all played quite well too.   Diane, Trena and Jeanette kept the US economy going with some shopping.  They joined us back at Outdoor Resorts once they had exhausted the numerous stores they chose to scout out.
Hector and Lucky.....
A high thin cloud kept the sun at bay on an otherwise warm day out.  The golf course was in great condition with greens that read true and played fast.
The No. 18 finishing hole - with a required final shot over the water surrounded green.
We had so much fun out there that we three are repeating a golf round this afternoon.  Hector and I will join Lucky for while Jeanette and Diane treat themselves to an afternoon in the pool/spa area here at Sam's.
Diane and Jeanette's hangout this Wednesday afternoon.....
.......while Hector, Lucky and I practice our short golf game.
Lucky was showing us his prowess with bending a golf ball around a tree.....and with success, I might add.
Following our golf round yesterday (Tuesday), we enjoyed a lovely evening dinner at Lucky and Trena's RV site.  Tri-Tip beef roast was to incredibly good.  Lucky has the knack when it comes to barbecued tri-tips.
At Lucky and Trena's site in the Outdoor RV Resort
Another lovely meal enjoyed with good friends on a beautiful desert evening.
Before dinner though, Lucky and Trena asked Jeanette and I if we would be interested in doing an overnight motorcycle ride over the mountains and in to Carlsbad by the sea - just south of Oceanside, CA. hardly took a few seconds for Jeanette and I to say a BIG YES to that offer.  A motorcycle ride we will have.......!

Carlsbad is an affluent seaside resort city occupying a 7-mile stretch of Pacific coastline in North San Diego County, California. The city is located 87 miles south of Los Angeles and 35 miles north of downtown San Diego. Wikipedia
Beach area in Oceanside...just north of Carlsbad
Oceanside, California, is the northern most city in San Diego County centrally located between Los Angeles and San Diego.  With 3.5 miles of beach, a 1,000 boat slip harbor, the largest of the California missions and several regional museums, Oceanside and area offers year-round perfect weather and easy access to all of Southern California attractions.  
The Pier in Oceanside
So, tomorrow (Thursday), we'll head out over the St. Jacinto Mountains - on Highway 74 - and head off to the Pacific seashore area. Lucky will lead the Thursday ride and I will lead the ride back - on a different route - on Friday.  Should be fun!
Following our dinner, last night,  we said our good byes and headed back for our RV Desert Hot Springs site by 8:30 pm.  Thanks for a lovely time, Trena and Lucky.
On the home front, Ginette sent this little video of Brie - now 20 days old - and it is posted below.

Well....the time is fast approaching when Hector and I have to drive off for our golf round with Lucky.  We have no complaints!  It's all good.

Thanks for dropping by.


  1. Sure having some great times and like you said nothing to complain about.

  2. You guys are busy, busy--enjoy that beautiful, warm weather while you can!

  3. You two have no end to the fun. Baby Brie is just so precious.