Friday, March 21, 2014

Julian Pies...and Owen Comes To Visit....

It has been a couple of fun-filled days.  Beginning with a great motorcycle ride to the famous little southern California pie town of Julian, we were also looking forward to a visit with our two month old grandson Owen and his folks who are holidaying in Palm Springs country this week.
On Highway 74 south and over the San Jacinto mountains
Wednesday presented such a beautiful day that four of us headed to the beautiful little former mining town of Julian.  Famous for pies, this little tourist spot is clearly a draw.  Nestled at about 4,000 feet above sea level, it offers a variety of interesting stores and eateries.
Julian Pie Making Company
Julian is a quaint, organized and clean town that has easily survived the mining economy of old to create a nice little tourist mecca.  It is clearly popular with motorcyclists too.  We saw and spoke to many riders.

We chose to eat outdoors...... at this great little restaurant.
A half sandwich (more like a whole sandwich) combined with a cup of soup and a choice piece of pie - a la mode - with coffee for a whopping total of $10 was indeed a deal.  The bumble berry/apple pie alone was so incredibly good.
Our lunch craving tamed, we walked around Julian before taking leave eastward towards Borrego Springs.
We had no sooner turned north and west on California S-2 highway when two very low flying F-35 jets flew directly over us.  We could not ready the camera quickly enough but it sure felt as though we could almost touch the two jets.  Wow!
Rolling west on S-2
A little break on S-2 before we headed north towards Anza, on highway 74.
While riding the beautiful southern California secondary highways, to and from Julian, our son Deni, wife Courtney and their son Owen were flying to Las Vegas and then  driving to Indio.  

When they arrived at Courtney's mom's rental home in Indio, Deni called to say they had rolled in at 6:00 pm Wednesday evening.  Nice.
Old Town La Quinta - Thursday
We agreed to meet in Old Town La Quinta for a walk and lunch yesterday (Thursday).  Jeanette and I rode out and arrived within minutes of Deni/Courtney/Owen/Barb and Doug driving right by us.  I was on the telephone to Deni; letting him know where we were when he said they could see me as they drove right up.
Our beautiful, blue eyed, little Owen - two months old - was up for lunch too.
Smiley Owen was a thrill for Jeanette and I to hold.  He is such a happy little guy and, according to his folks,  is a fairly happy baby to care for. He sure did act happy and did not seem bothered by the flight and change in routine the previous day. 
Jeanette could not be happier holding our 2nd grandson.  Owen is engaged in the lunch time conversation.
While eating lunch, everyone took a turn holding Owen and, once my lunch was done, I got to hold this handsome guy too.
3 GENERATIONS: Owen's dad - Deni, Grand Papa - me and, of course, our little man Owen.
Our hunger satisfied, we chose to walk around Old Town La Quinta in the hopes that Owen would sleep.  Strolling around did the trick and it took little time before Owen was fast asleep.
Owen's mom, Courtney, keeping Owen well shaded from the heat of the day.
We chose a great little coffee spot to enjoy a relaxing coffee and chat before Owen awoke.That signaled the end of our daytime visit.
L-R   Doug, Courtney, in the BG, Deni, Barb, me (while Jeanette took this photo)
Before taking our respective leaves, we discussed a hike for Saturday morning, followed by a visit to our RV site and closing off the day with a birthday party dinner for Deni at Barb and Doug's rental place in Indio.

Great to have our little Edmonton family here in the desert with us.  They too are enjoying the respite from the cold Alberta temperatures.  Fun days ahead with Owen and his folks.  We could not ask for better.

Thanks for dropping by.


  1. Wonderful, wonderful. It's always good to share this beautiful weather with family and friends!!

  2. You are enjoying your last few days there, and really great to have the family visit as well.

  3. Nice pics...beautiful little man.

  4. Sure looks like another couple of great days in Paradise!

  5. Owen is sure a handsome little man. What a treat to get a visit from him down here in the desert! He sure looks alert and happy.

    Julian! One of my all-time favourite stops during our annual stay here in Desert Hot Springs. Just love those pies!!

  6. What a great time with your family, continue to enjoy!