Thursday, March 6, 2014

Dinner, Golf & Motorcycle Update..

It has been a busy time around here.  With dinner invites, golf and working on finding a solution to the motorcycle problem, the time has rolled quickly by.

On the motorcycle front, I did end up having to ride it to the Kawasaki dealer in the small city of Beaumont, CA - west from Palm Springs.  It was a struggle to get it there.....but I did manage. The motorcycle shops in the Palm Springs/Palm Desert area could not find the problem.  Nor did they have the proper testing equipment.  Ho Hum....!

Kawasaki 1500 cc Vulcan Nomad (Archive photo)
The Beaumont dealer was quick with the work.  One technician found a problem with the throttle assembly under the fuel tank.  Once repaired, the intermittent operating problem was still there.  So...back to the investigation.  By process of elimination, a fuel injector problem was discovered.  It was not the injectors themselves but an electrical/fuel combination 'thingamagobie' that had gone faulty and needed replacement.  I don't have the motorcycle yet because I opted to have the shop  install a new rear tire and flush out and change all fluids - except engine oil that was recently changed.  A telephone call this morning confirmed that the Nomad would be ready for pick up tomorrow (Friday) afternoon.
Golfing the small 9 hole course @ The Sands RV Resort
We had a Tee time for an 18 hole golf course in Palm Springs, for last Monday.  But, upon our arrival, we were told the recent rains had damaged several golf holes and the course was closed.  Why...oh why we did not get an email or phone call to give us this news defies logic.  No.....we drove all the way there to be told of the closure.  Poor....extremely poor business practice and, as a result, we will not take our business there again.  Small wonder so many golf courses end up in receivership?

On the way back to Desert Hot Springs, I drove into the Sands RV and Golf Resort and, as luck would have it, we got on the course almost instantly.  Hector and I were joined by two other fellas and we enjoyed a short 9 holes of golf.

Hector and Diane were hosting dinner for some of their family members.....and.....yes....they invited me to join them. Several family members are missing from this photo.
Well, to say I enjoyed myself is an understatement.  I laughed and laughed my way through dinner and the evening.  What a fun bunch of folks these are.  Not only that, friends of Hector and Diane - who have known the family since their youth - invited me to dinner the next night at their home in 1000 Palms.  That too was a fun night.  I teased Diane and Hector stating that I just might have to change my last name to theirs.......! LOL
My nephew, Ted, whose parents (my brother Bernie and wife Rita) winter in Yuma, AZ.
Ted Genereux, my nephew, is the Superintendent and Golf Consultant at the Palm Desert Golf and Country Club.  He was lured to this Palm Desert course from Edmonton, Alberta, two years back.  Up in Edmonton, he was involved in the build and management of one of Jack Nicklaus' (one of the most highly respected golfing pros to ever play the game of golf) signature courses called Northern Bear.  Ted is enjoying the challenge of transforming this major Palm Desert golf course and he is embracing it with gusto.
Stunningly beautiful condition.
Being an uncle qualified me for a really, really good discount on the green fees.  What is not to like about that!  Hector and I enjoyed a hot but rewarding time on the course, in 85-89 degree heat, yesterday (Wednesday) afternoon.  I had a decent round too!
The signature 9th hole (and the 18th is no slouch either)
We were joined on the first Tee by a wonderful couple from St. Louis, MI.  Jeanine, we learned, was a one or two handicap short of being a golf pro on the LPGA circuit, in her younger days.  We also learned that she plays three days, every week, with a St. Louis ladies group.  She is in her early 80's. And she can golf!  We had fun with her and her husband.  What was so impressive about this couple was their playability (speed and accuracy) and stamina.  It was smoking hot out there....but it didn't faze them one bit.
Hector.....working the sand to fly his ball to the green on the 9th signature hole.
Having played the course last winter, we noticed the changes brought to the course since then.  The process of transforming this golf course will take several more years but Jeanine - who has played this course since 1983 - stated it has never been in the fantastic condition it now is.  After she made that comment is when I bragged that Ted was responsible for the huge improvement in the course changes and condition.
Just so beautiful....
We so thoroughly enjoyed our day on the course and we will return - ideally to play with my nephew.  He's a better golfer than me but...then again....he also knows this course intimately and will know precisely where to place his ball.  Looking forward to that.
I never tire of these chocolate painted mountains.  Such beauty!
On the home front, Jeanette continues to lend assistance to Ginette, Trevor, Easton and little baby Brie.  She has booked her return flight, to Palm Springs, for this Saturday evening.  We are looking forward to that.
A most recent photo of Brie....doing what babies do best....
Deni, Courtney and baby Owen have flights booked to arrive in Palm Springs country this March 19th.  We are looking forward to that too.
Courtney sent this recent photo of Owen to Jeanette who then sent it on to my email.  The little fella is thriving and is now weighing in at 11 lbs.
Easton, our first grandchild who is very quickly approaching two years of age (in one month) continues to thrive.  He is a good little helper, so I am told, now that sister Brie has joined the family.  Although Trevor, Ginette and their little family would have enjoyed a nice holiday down here, with us, it will have to wait till next winter.

OK.....soon to move on with getting a few chores done and then I'll have to plead with Hector or Diane (or both) to offer up a ride to get me to Beaumont tomorrow (Friday) to retrieve my motorcycle.

On with today.

Thanks for dropping by.


  1. Finally you got your motorcycle running properly, should be good to go now.
    You sure are getting your fair share if golfing in too.

  2. Glad to see you played a round at our little course here at the Sands!

    I shudder to think what I'd score on that Palm Desert course - yikes. Looks like a beauty though.

    Great pics of Owen and Brie.

  3. Glad to hear they figured out the problem on the motorcycle...looks like great riding weather out there!