Monday, March 17, 2014

Party Central...

Our return from an oceanside motorcycle ride led to more planned activities.  First was a Hawaiian Pool Party on Saturday evening, followed by  a traditional Newfoundland Jiggs dinner at Hector and Diane's RV in our park on Sunday evening.
Walking to the Hawaiian Pool Party....
Saturday afternoon found us back at Lucky and Trena's Outdoor Resorts RV Park in Cathedral City.  Following a happy hour, we made our way to one of the resort's beautiful ballrooms for a Hawaiian dinner followed by some Hula dancers, fire dancers and a dance.
Trena, Diane and Jeanette opted to ride to the ballroom via golf cart.  The guys walked.
Over 300 guests were seated for the pool party.  We had the option to dine in or out by the pool - dance in or out by the pool....and, well, you get the picture.
We met some interesting folks and shared so many laughs.
The master of ceremonies had to have been a former radio disc jockey or a public speaker.  He sure knew how to get a crowd going and was great with the introductions and moving the evening along.
Our table - near the middle of the room, offered us the opportunity to meet many folks and share stories.
With one exception, the evening was great fun.  The only weakness was the food.  Many folks felt the meal itself was a let down.  We concur.  It was OK....but not anything to write home about.
Soon to collect our plates of Hawaiian food.
These events present a relaxed atmosphere where like minded RVers get to meet others. We sure met many folks and even received some invitations to meet up again.  Good fun!
Trena waiting in line for the food while Lucky engages another couple.
The food lines were quick.  The event organizers had four food lines operating and only minutes in line had us back at our tables.

L-R  Diane is engaging Bill (an RVer we met from Eugene, Oregon) as Trena listens in.
This fire dancer was clearly an experienced entertainer.  He followed the Hula dancers and brought the room to its feet.
 With dinner and entertainment over with, a good DJ got the 300+ guests up on the floor and dancing to great 50's and 60's music.  We burned off the calories and had a fun time on the dance floor.
Sunday afternoon @ Hector and Diane's RV site for a traditional Newfoundland Jiggs dinner
It is now over four years ago that we met fellow RVers, Hector and Diane (from Nanaimo, BC - on Vancouver Island), and they have invited us to a yearly traditional Newfoundland Jiggs dinner in the desert.  It is a meal to be enjoyed.  It is the result of a day long boil of corned beef, cabbage, potatoes, carrots, turnip - along with several spices.  The food is layered and steamed.  It is quite the process.
The wine is all dressed up.
RECIPE:  Jiggs Dinner:  Offered up by Diane

2lbs salt meat - or corned beef; 1 medium turnip; 6 large potatoes; 3lb head cabbage; 6 carrots; 2 cups split yellow peas

Soak beef overnight; drain and add fresh water to cover  meat.  Put split peas in pudding bag and ties - soak overnight.  Bring corned beef to a boil for 2 hours - changing the water once or twice to desired taste.  Put peas pudding in with the corned beef.  Prepare the vegetables and wash in cold water.  Add cabbage, turnip and carrots.  Let boil together for 30-4o minutes then add potatoes.  Cook dumplings on top of the potatoes for the last 7-10 minutes.  Put peas pudding in a bowl, mash with butter and pepper.

Serve hot along with fresh baked buns.

It is a fantastic meal.....and oh so tasty too!
Diane and Hector presenting the cabbage, turnip, carrots and potatoes plate.
And.....VOILA....a  hearty Jiggs meal, prepared and presented in a true Newfoundland tradition.
Lucky and Trena drove up for the Jiggs dinner in their beautiful BMW X-4 sports car.
With bellies full and the laughs exhausted, Lucky and Trena drove back to their RV spot and we returned some chairs back to our site before calling it a night.  Great fun.....and great food had.

Jeanette and I are off to Palm Desert, this Monday morning, to meet up with my cousin, Madeleine (from Edmonton, Alberta) for a planned lunch out.  We look forward to that.

A little video that Courtney sent of little Owen

Deni, Courntey and baby Owen are only a couple of days away from arriving in Palm Springs.  They will be vacationing here for one week.  We do look forward to that and to spending precious time with 2 month old Owen.

Thanks for dropping by.


  1. Looks like a great time! Bonjour/hello from Montreal!

  2. Party animals you are, looks like you enjoying this area ti the fullest.

  3. You guys as are busy as we are! I bet you are looking forward to the arrival of Owen. Oh, and his parents!