Monday, March 3, 2014

Good Weather Returns.....

Renaissance Esmeralda Resort and Spa - Indian Wells, CA
Having read about a Canada South Fest being held at the resort above, Hector, Diane and I headed there on Saturday afternoon - more for something to do. We were curious to learn more about the festival.  Well....what festival?
Diane and Hector leaving the resort.
The fest was a bust, in our collective view.  It is not anything like the Canadian Snowbird Association functions.  This one was purely a marketing event - and a boring one at that.  The food fair was good and offered up some Canadian specialties.  I enjoyed a 'tourtiere' (meat pie) and it was good.....but not as good as those that Jeanette makes.

The event organizers were touting Tim Horton's coffee, on site.  Well.....although I looked forward to a great Timmy's coffee, they wanted $4 for a small cup.  I did not need one that badly.  Canadian beer was $9.  Too early in the day for beer.....and, at that price, one can buy a 15 pack of beer for the same price.  The entry charge was $10.  That too was a complete waste.  We were being sold on US orthopedic and other medical services, financial services, typical vitamin and drugs stuff....and more useless stuff. Very, very little information was new to us.  Perhaps the organizers did not realize that we have a good medicare system at home.  

There were several guest speakers too but each event had little or no relevance for us......or most other Canadians, I would imagine.

We will never attend another of these 'fests', let me tell you! 
Sat here at our resort - yesterday afternoon - listening to my iPad and reading.
Waking up to clear, blue skies (this Monday morning) is a good sign for those of us camped out in the Palms Springs area.   The forecasters are calling for increasing temperatures leading up to the high 80's in a couple of days.  
Taken from our RV site - Sunday morning.
We were invited to join Lucky and Trena at their Outdoor Resorts RV facility on Sunday morning.  We enjoyed an outdoor breakfast in the sun.  Nice!
The view from our breakfast spot at Outdoor Resorts.
Outdoor Resorts is a beautiful, five star, RV facility.  With two large spa and pool facilities - and another 9 satellite pools - two golf courses (one 18 hole and one 9 hole), and every imaginable recreational offering this is a first class place. We ate breakfast at the on-site restaurant.  Breakfast was inexpensive and good!
L-R   Lucky, Diane, Hector and Trena
The sites are wide and deep.  All RVs sit on a concrete pad surrounded by grass, plants and trees.   It is clean and manicured.
Trena and Lucky's site.
After many, many years RVing the numerous places of interest, in the US southwest, they chose to purchase a lot in Outdoor Resorts last year.  Unlike most other RV resorts, this place appears to only allow 5th wheels and Class 'A' & 'B' motorhomes.  No park models allowed!
RVers can rent sites - when available.
Located in Cathedral City, the Outdoor Resort is within walking distance to a sizable shopping centre.  Centrally located, it is only a short drive to the Palm Springs Airport. 
Golfing beckons....
I booked a T-time for golf at the Tahquitz Creek Legends Golf Course today (Monday).  It is time to return to working on the golfing handicap.  Can't wait!  Hector and I are about equal in playability.  His handicap mirrors mine....although I only got to win one (out of four rounds) when we played in Yuma.  We'll see if I can change that up in the days ahead.
This bird did not mind the rain.  He seems quite content hanging around the man made lake at our RV park.
On the home front, back on the west coast of BC, Jeanette continues to lend Ginette and Trevor a hand while baby Brie adjusts to her new home.  She was hosting Easton at our home....and, when talking by phone last night, Brie, and her folks - who were over for dinner - had left back for home.

Brie's first visit to our Langley home.
The night before, Easton had a sleep over at our home.  He enjoys coming over.  He kept busy with the most recent snow too.  Here he is (below) cleaning snow off of his nana's truck.
Have to clean the snow off of nana's truck....
Welcoming Brie to our home.
Jeanette is planning to book her return flight for this weekend.  After the most unusual snow, and cooler temperatures back home, she is looking forward to heat and sun here in the desert.  The temperatures are rising quickly and, with rain in the forecast, the recent west coast snow will be gone within a day or two.

That covers things from here, for now.  Thanks for dropping by.


  1. Great update Rene and beautiful pics of the grandkids as usual. Jeanette and Brie look made for each other.

    I heard from another attendee that the Canada Fest was a real loser too. I didn't even know about it.

    Hope your golf game was good yesterday!

  2. We checked out the Canada South Fest, but were not impressed with the informations we could find, and luckily decided not to attend. Thanks for confirming out thoughts. too bad it was a bust.