Friday, March 28, 2014

Sand Blasted in Palm Springs

Wowwy!  Did the winds ever blow through this Palm Springs area these past several days.  If the locals (and long, long term RVers) are to be believed, this past wind storm was the worst every seen in these parts.  It was 'rock 'n roll' and gale force too!
The wind is blowing and gusting.....with sand flying every which way!
Other than a quick shopping trip, the wind pretty well kept everyone indoors.  One had to be very careful when opening or closing RV doors.  A quick snap of wind could easily injure one's hand or fingers with a slamming door.

Looking south towards Palm Springs.
The sand was blowing so hard and fast that one could not see the cities of Palm Springs, Cathedral City, Palm Desert, etc., from our vantage point in Desert Hot Springs.  The entire valley was greyed out with blowing sand and dust.

Our Panoka, Alberta, friends left the day before the 'big blow' and they were sure happy about that.
Gusting winds and blowing sand did not keep us away from some fun activities though.  A large group of us headed back to the Dillon Roadhouse, this Wednesday night past, for a 50's and 60's music revival.  The singer was very good and the food did not disappoint.  We met some good friends there and shared an evening of pure pleasure while the outdoor wind continued its sand blasting ways.

The winds died down sufficiently yesterday (Thursday) to allow Hector and I to join my nephew Ted who is the Palm Desert Country Club golf superintendent - and another golf superintendent from Edmonton, Alberta - for an 18 hole round of golf.  It was pure pleasure to play with these two talented golfers.  

While we plied the course, Jeanette and Diane managed to get plenty of exercise walking from store to store to store in the Palm Springs/Palm Desert cities. 
Not sure what this is...but Diane is giving it the once over.
We returned to our RV sites within minutes of each other.  With a crock pot simmering all day long, it took little time to get a salad together and for the four of us to enjoy a hearty meal indoors.  With the harsh winds finally abated, the air had cooled down and sitting outdoors would have meant wearing some jackets.  We opted for indoors.
A ride is set for today - Friday
Today is Friday.  Jeanette and I have a planned motorcycle ride from Desert Hot Springs, CA, to Yuma, Arizona, and back by early evening.  We made plans for the three hour ride to share lunch with my brother and his wife at their Yuma, AZ place.  There are two reasons for the ride. First off is the chance to see them, once again, before they head home for Alberta and before we head home to British Columbia.  The second reason is pure enjoyment of riding the motorcycle one more time before it gets loaded on the swivel wheel, behind our fiver, for the journey back home.

The wind was quiet all night and, as I write this blog, it seems it has died right down.  Yea to that!  Motorcycling to Yuma should be most pleasurable.

Tuesday is departure day for us.....and the preparations will begin in earnest in the days ahead (photo taken one month ago)
Sam's RV and Spa is beginning to show true signs of vacancy.  Many RVers have left for home and more leave each and every day.  Our turn will come next Tuesday when we begin our slow journey back for Langley, BC. In years past, we have dead headed for home but this year's plan is to take our sweet time rolling back.  We want to roll into our driveway on the 9th of April.

Looking out our RV door yesterday morning.  Our RV park has plenty of vacant spots now.
That covers things from here.  As our winter vacation comes to a close, we set our sights on the drive back for home and the events and activities that are planned following our return.

Off to Yuma......!

Thanks for dropping by.


  1. Enjoy the ride to Yuma, and then start packing up to head on home. We still have a while yet.
    Ride safe.

  2. Safe riding. Judging by our weather reports at home, we are staying a while!

  3. enjoy the ride to Yuma, today!!
    one last one before you head for home!!

  4. And Rene' will be spending the next couple of days replacing the wax on the RV?

  5. After the one day of warnings around here that turned out to miss us, it's just been breezy. Have a great ride to Yuma!

  6. Yes, the winds can sure blow in the West. Enjoy your time left!

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