Saturday, April 12, 2014

Back Home and Busy, Busy....

We rolled back into Canada last Wednesday, mid-afternoon.  The border entry was quick.
Wednesday -Rolling through Seattle, WA - before the afternoon rush hour.
It is always our goal to get through Seattle before or after the morning or afternoon rush hours.  Our return drive had us going through the busy area at 1:30 pm.....long before the crazy rush hour begins.
Rolling up to the smallest Canada border entry at Aldergrove, BC
We only had to wait 10 minutes before making our declaration at the border entry.  Our stop lasted all of 30 seconds and we were welcomed back into Canada.  That was quick and easy!
Good to be back home.
Got busy with unloading the motorcycle and disconnecting the swivel wheel.
In front of our driveway by 3:45 pm, we did get to work unloading and sorting out some stuff before we called it a day.  There is plenty of good weather ahead to complete the move out, wash, vacuum and detailing of the truck and 5th wheel.

Early evening had us 'Face Timing' Deni, Courtney and Owen in Edmonton.  We were thrilled to chat up baby Owen before his bed time.  To have the ability to 'Face Time' or Skype is such a treat.  It is the next best thing to actually being there in person.  It was nice to catch up on their lives since we saw them last, only a few weeks back, in Palm Springs.
A Thursday morning visit with Easton and his little baby sister, Brie.
Jeanette and I were quick to drive out to Ginette and Trevor's home on Thursday morning.  We were looking forward to seeing Easton and Brie and their parents.  Easton, who turned two years old on Thursday, was so surprised to actually see us live and in person.  He was habituated to seeing us on an iPad.  He could hardly believe his eyes.  
Brie, @ six weeks old, is thriving.  Her Nana was quick to pick her up for cuddles.
Easton's birthday gift.  He was so quick to ride this two wheeler......and he could not get enough of it.  We played outdoors for well over an hour.
After visiting for a couple of hours, we rolled back home so that Jeanette could complete the bake and icing of a special cake for Easton's afternoon birthday party.  Easton is enamored by 'Thomas The Train'.  Jeanette found that cake pan in the US and the result of her efforts can be seen in the next two photos.
This took a lot of time to ice but the reaction from Easton was worth the effort.
Jeanette loves to create these types of cakes.  Easton clearly noticed it.  He loved it....along with the 'Thomas The Train' blanket his Nana made for him.
All dressed up and ready to devour.

While Jeanette was busy with the cake making process, I backed the 5th wheel on the driveway, unhitched the truck and began the process of moving stuff back into the house.
By 4:30 pm, we found ourselves back at Ginette and Trevor's home where the official birthday party was beginning.
Trevor's dad, Warren, and I engage Easton during our dinner.
There was a house full of little and big people who came to celebrate the two year old's birthday.
When the 'Thomas The Train' cake was presented to Easton, he was thrilled.....and anxious to get a taste of it. that cake gooooooood.....
Easton thoroughly enjoyed his special 2nd year birthday.  We thoroughly enjoyed watching him enjoy his birthday.  What fun!

By 8:30 Thursday evening, Jeanette and I were back home.  Other than a bit of TV and computer stuff, we soon called it a night. 

Along with the numerous other tasks that needed doing, the 1st priority, on Friday morning, was to re-fill the hot tub and power it up. We got to enjoy it last evening.
The little golf 'dammit doll' that Hector/Diane and Art/Connie gave me.  It is the neatest thing.  I will carry it in my golf bag and share it with my golfing buddies when they execute a nasty golf shot.
Our 2 year old Easton.  Happy little fella, he is!
We have a lot of work to complete; including cleaning, washing, vacuuming the 5th wheel; some minor maintenance stuff; washing the motorcycle  and putting stuff away before we can even contemplate starting yard work and working on future improvements we plan for our home.  Phew.......the list is getting long.  I need a holiday!!!!!  LOL

This Saturday morning I am off to help our son in law, Trevor, with a renovation project he is doing on one of his rental suites.  It has been rented to an RCMP (Royal Canadian Mounted Police) member who plans to move in this mid-May.  Trevor chose to replace all flooring now that the previous long term renter has vacated the suite. His dad, Warren, lent a hand  to complete two bedrooms and I'll lend a hand with the living room flooring.

Thanks for dropping in.


  1. Yes you are sure busy, nice to see the family again too.
    Pretty soon you vacation will start again!

  2. welcome home! sounds like a busy time as always!
    and a very happy birthday to Easton!!!

  3. Work, work, work! You, Rick and Rod are doing nothing but work! This "going home" is not all it is cracked up to be!

  4. Glad u folks made it back to BC safe & sound..looks like it is already pretty good there for riding...we're still a few weeks aways over on this coast, but spring has taken hold.

  5. Glad your trip home was uneventful. As usual when you've been gone a while, the to-do list is long.

  6. Great pics of the grandkids. I love the one of Easton with his birthday cake all over his face!

    One thing about coming home after being away snowbirding is that there are always lots of tasks to keep us busy for weeks it seems.

    Jeanette sure looks happy holding those babies!!