Monday, April 14, 2014

Home Improvement......and more....

With no photos to show the work Trevor and I did on his rental suite, last Saturday, you'll have to take my word that the new laminate flooring - replacing carpet - looks great.  We were too busy and focused to take photos.....!
Brie checking out her older brother, Easton.
While Trevor and I were busy installing the laminate flooring, Jeanette was busy looking after Brie and Easton while Ginette was away for a couple of hours visiting a good friend. Trevor's paternal grandmother, who lives in Richmond, BC, had wanted to drop by to wish Easton a happy birthday.  Trevor's father and grandmother dropped by Ginette and Trevor's home for a visit.
A precious moment for a great grandmother to spend time with Brie.
Jeanette took photos of great grandmother sharing time with Brie, Easton and her son Warren.
Easton enjoying his back yard play set.
A quiet moment
Easton on Sunday morning at our home.
Sunday morning saw Easton and his dad drop by our home on their way to the dump grounds.  Trevor was hauling all of the scraps from the laminate floor install.  I had a bit of junk at home that I wanted to get rid of and Trevor offered to pick that stuff up on his way.  One less job for me.
Sunday's weather was so nice and warm, we felt the pull to take a motorcycle ride.
On numerous occasions, our 'Open Mic' Sunday get together with like minded friends leads us to Hemingway, a White Rock Beach eating establishment.  The breakfasts are so good and inexpensive.  I suggested the breakfast idea to Jeanette and she was up for that.  Off we rode
White Rock Beach - Pacific Ocean in the background.
Twenty minutes from home and we were parked on White Rock Beach.  One of several dedicated motorcycle parking spaces was available directly across the street from the Hemingway restaurant.  Bonus!  An hour and a bit later, we had enjoyed a lovely breakfast before riding off and tootling around our former home city of White Rock/South Surrey.
Perfect parking spot on the beach.
We opted to ride by Ginette, Trevor, Easton and Brie's home in Langley City, on our way back home.  Easton is most curious around anything mechanical. 
Ten minutes from their home had us back to ours.  I was looking forward to catching up on the final round of The Masters Golf tournament that saw Bubba Watson win his second green jacket since his first in 2012.While I was watching golf, Jeanette got busy with her gardening tools to complete a really nice front yard cleanup.

Once the golf was over, I did get outdoors to complete two RV outdoor maintenance projects that were on my 'to do' list.
One of several nice two lane country roads that lead to our home in south Langley. The greening of spring is a most beautiful time of the year.
My focus today is to complete our income tax documents and ready those to take to our accountant.  Once that 'must do' task is completed, we can re-focus our attention on washing, detailing and completing some maintenance work on our 5th wheel before pushing it back along side our home.

That's the way it is.

Thanks for dropping by.


  1. See you are still busy getting stuff done and enjoying family time.

  2. settling into home life very quickly! it's almost like you never left!

  3. Always love seeing pics of the grandkids - and of great-grandma's too!

    The first pic of Easton and Brie is pretty cute. Brie is going to grow up loving having a big brother for sure!

  4. Great times with sure are busy!