Monday, April 28, 2014

Keeping Busy....

The past several days have been fueled with various events and activities.   A fair bit of time was spent with Easton, Brie and their parents.  

Jeanette did get out with her friends for bowling and games nights while I joined our regular men's foursome for golf.  We have resumed our weekly golfing rounds.  How nice that is!
Easton working the numbers and letters on our refrigerator.
Easton came over for some visits but we cut his folks a break on Saturday night.  Easton was here for a sleepover while his folks tended to some domestic chores.  We had a great time.
Nana is assisting Easton with some colouring using wax crayons.
One fun outing saw Jeanette, Ginette, Brie and Easton visit a local nursery that is well known for its 'Thomas The Train' and model railways.  It is a very cool spot for a little fella who is enamoured with 'Thomas The Train' - a popular kids TV cartoon.
He could not believe he was standing next to 'Thomas The Train'.
To take a ride on the train with his mom was like icing on a cake.

The owner of this nursery has always had a passion for model trains.  The set up - indoors and out - is quite a draw for like minded enthusiasts.  Easton was really taken with these rolling trains.
Our local food store - the one we prefer to support - was holding a car show this past Saturday.  Trevor and Easton met Jeanette and I there for some outdoor grilled foods and a walk around the hot rods and other antique cars. 

Easton liked this green coloured modified antique.
While they were at the car show, I was with my 'Open Mike' group in White Rock for an unusual Saturday morning coffee before riding back for home and meeting up with Jeanette, Easton, Brie and their dad at the car show.  Good fun!
When Easton spotted me with the motorcycle, he was quick to rush over for a greeting.
Jeanette with Brie..
Trevor then drove over to our home and left Easton with us before heading back home with baby Brie.  We got Easton out on his little bicycle and headed for the local outdoor park. 
At only two years of age, it's impressive to watch Easton handle this little bike so well.
At the park, it was time to run around, slide, crawl and climb all over the play are and then run off on the playing fields.
We're not sure if we wore Easton out or he wore us out but the outdoor air was refreshing and invigorating.
Back at our home, the play mat and play toys came out and we spent a fair bit of time playing in the sun room.

Mr. Curious had to find a small chair and get up to see what his Nana was up to.
There was no arguing when it came time for bed.  Easton was tired and he welcomed hitting the pillows.  He slept till near 7:00 am Sunday morning.  
Ginette and Brie came by for dinner on Sunday evening while Trevor kept busy with office work at home.
Following a late afternoon dinner, our kids left back for home and we settled in for a quiet Sunday evening.

And there you have it!   Our lives, these past several days, revolved around family and grand kids.  Oh sure.....we did other things too.....but those activities paled in comparison to the fun things we did with grand kids and our kids.

Thanks for dropping by.


  1. Sounds like you are really enjoying yourself there with the family.

  2. the two of you are sure kept busy with your beautiful grandchildren!! so very lucky to be able to build memories with them!!

  3. No way can I let little Gwenny see your Blog with Thomas the Train in it...she would flip out!

  4. Beautiful header photo.

    I guess Mason's still a bit too young for Thomas the Train but at least I'll be ready now when he does catch on!

    Great pics of Easton and Brie. It sure is a nice kind of being busy with the grandkids.