Monday, April 7, 2014

From Rolling Hills to Seven Feathers....

We left Rolling Hills RV Park, in northern California, for Canyonville, Oregon, yesterday (Sunday) morning.  The clear blue skies and warm temperatures signaled a clear path over the passes.  It was a treat to view the beautiful topography during our 5+ hour drive.
Diane took photos of our rig on I-5
The weather so often presents rain, snow or a mix of both in this area.  So to travel under blue skies was very nice. 
Traffic was light for our Sunday drive.
While Hector and I were golfing the great Sevillano Golf Links Course @ Rolling Hills, CA, Jeanette and Diane drove around the area and dropped in on some interesting spots. 
Jeanette was surprised to find 'moonshine' being sold in a boutique retail outlet.  Imagine that?
This area is famous for olives so it is not surprising to find an olive hut or two in the neighbourhood. I love olives.....and to try out the numerous varieties is attracting.

Looking west on the Sevillano Links Golf Course.
Came close to landing in the sand bunker....!
Sevillano is a great golf course!  The sand bunkers play so well and the greens were razor fast; just at they should be.
Hector did hole this put.  I was witness to that.
Our Tee off was for 10:00 am and it was still a bit cool.  An hour after starting out, the sun had heated things up and the wind breakers came off.  I so enjoyed playing this course.  And I will play it again. Hector concurred.
The golf course sent a shuttle service to pick us up at our RV sites.  Very classy!
Our site at the Rolling Hills RV Park....closed up and readying to drive out.
Jeanette and I are not casino gamblers.  We are not drawn to RV Casino sites for the card playing or the one armed bandits.  That said, Rolling Hills does offer some nice sites and, with the golf so close by, it is a place we would never hesitate to drop in on.
Shasta Lake
We both found the water level low; based on our recall of the lake levels in earlier years. Not sure what to make of that.
There were a few small pleasure boats plying the waters.
Nice roads for a Sunday drive.
Mt. Shasta shone bright!  The recent rains that impacted this area left a nice white coat of snow on that gorgeous landmark.
A long and winding road.........
About six hours after the start of our Sunday drive, we had arrived at the Seven Feathers RV Resort and Casino in the small town of Canyonville, Oregon.  Regular readers may recall that this place is a favourite stop on our route down to the U.S. southwest and, occasionally, on our return drive home. When the weather is inclement, we usually do not stop in here when heading north.  With sunny skies and truly warm temperatures, this was a must stop.  It is so nice here that we booked in for two nights.
Our site - and check out the blue skies.....!
Hector and Diane convoyed along with us and being parked next to each other was accommodating to enjoy a happy hour and Diane's meal of soft tacos.  And, to enjoy that meal while seated outdoors in t-shirts and shorts tells you just how nice it truly was.
All the deciduous trees are leafing out.  The birch trees, that dot every site, are dropping their seeds and I got busy sweeping the walkways at our site and Hector/Diane's too.
Did someone call for a cleaning/sweeping service?
We enjoyed the spa facilities before calling it a night.  When we woke up this morning (Monday), there was a hint of fog that burned off by 10:30 am.  We are now back under blue skies, warm sun and ready to enjoy another wonderful southern Oregon day.

Did I hear Hector talking about finding another golf course?   I may have heard right.  We'll see.  Jeanette and Diane left earlier for a long walk down to the town centre.

It is all good!

Thanks for dropping in.


  1. Loved the pictures of one of my favourite drives along I-5. Those sand bunkers looked more like the Sahara Desert to me. I might never get out of one of those monsters.

    Nothing like pulling into Seven Feathers and getting setup - it's so easy, clean and convenient.

    Hope you find another great golf course to play.

  2. Can't complain at all about still wearing shorts while north of California can you?

  3. Just moving right along and with decent weather too.
    Enjoy the area there.