Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Rain...RV Detailed and Stored....Taxes....

The slug line above sums up the past couple of days.  

Although Monday was set aside to ready the tax file for our accountant, the weather forecasters called for a bright and sunny day. Clouds and rain were possible for Tuesday.  Given that scenario, I opted to defer working on the tax file and spent all of Monday on the 5th wheel. Tuesday would be dedicated to income tax stuff.  Priorities, right?
Giving the roof a good scrubbing.
The roof turned out great.  The sand, dust and staining, from several months in the desert, were washed away.
By 9:00 am Monday morning, I was busy with the arduous task of cleaning the 5th wheel inside and out.  The roof was the first job.  The photographer and inspector was busy too. I had not realized the large number of photos she took but I did get one photo of her sneaking up to the RV roof for inspection. 

Jeanette was also busy washing the RV bedding, towels and more.  She removed several food stuffs back to the house too.
Jeanette is giving her seal of approval.....I think!!!!
Once the roof and the top of all slide outs were cleaned, I worked on the body.  Often changing the hot water and suds led to a mighty fine clean up.
A major job but one I enjoy doing.  Seeing the results of a clean and shiny rig is always pleasing to me.
Taking a break for lunch - once the entire outside clean up was done - I reviewed my list of small RV maintenance jobs that needed attention.  I got to that with gusto, in the early afternoon, where I spent a good couple of hours vacuuming every possible indoor nook and cranny. The floor and rugs look new again!

Tuesday morning was dedicated to dealing with our income tax file. With the documents now in order, the package will be delivered to our accountant on Wednesday.  One more job done!  For our American friends, our Canadian taxes must be filed by April 30th ~ unlike April 15th for US citizens.
Pushed back and locked up in our side yard.  Sitting ready for the next adventure.
Early morning Wednesday morning rain.
With drizzle being the order of the day (Wednesday), I will deliver the income tax documents to our accountant before completing a short list of errands.  A wet day is a perfect one to manage those tasks.
Rain is why we have these beautiful spring plants growing in our neighbourhood.
Easton is coming to hang out with us today while his mom busies herself with other important tasks.  We always look forward to having our little 'bonhomme' (French for little man) visit.

That covers things from here for now.

Thanks for dropping in.


  1. MyRV is going to have some bugs on it until next week. No time for that particular project yet.
    Have fun with the little man!

  2. Actually, thanks to Heartbleed, we have till May 5th this year to file.
    But always good to get in early!

    Rig looks nice.

  3. You are way ahead of me on both counts, Rene. The RV detailing is moving quickly to the top of my job list now that we've more or less got the yard fixed up. Like you, I'll start by scrubbing the roof.

    As for income taxes? What's the hurry? I've got about 2 weeks left and I intend to use them. Yes, I do own money as always!!

  4. We are just waiting for warmer weather and a place that doe not have impossibly hard water, no good for washing our coach.

  5. Your Rig is looking good there Rene! Besides, they have extended this years tax deadline, due to the web site problems, so you are good!

  6. Oh, I almost thought you paid your taxes a day too late! Pays to know little intricacies such as that! Well, that means you guys are two weeks early. Your accountant could iron out some kinks before she puts out the final figures. I hope the accountant could help you get the right amount and not a cent higher. Cheers!
    Gilbert McNally @