Sunday, April 20, 2014

Happy Easter!

It is Easter Sunday as I write this short blog post.  There has not been much to report of late.  It seems we are rolling back into routine and, at times, it leaves little fodder for blogging.

Several family and friends will be joining us for Easter dinner today.  Most will arrive by mid-afternoon.  We are looking forward to that.  Jeanette has been busy with preparations.  The 'piece de résistence' will be when we 'Face Time' our Alberta family members who will be celebrating Easter with Jeanette's mom.  We've set up a time to chat and share our collective Easter wishes.  We'll also get to see baby Owen and his mom and dad too.  Hard to beat that!

Replacing the batteries in Easton's pretend toy phone.
Easton was over a few times during the week and on one of those days, his toy cell phone was not operating properly.  Jeanette came to the rescue by suggesting that the batteries were likely dying.  Well, upon inspection, that's what was wrong.  New batteries fixed the problem.  Easton was back to chatting in his imaginary world.
Watching cartoons online.
There is a great series of cartoons available online that really speak to Easton.  They are so well done and include all the songs that we learned as kids too.  When he comes over, we find ourselves upstairs and on line for between 45 minutes to an hour.  The cartoons are so well done and are ideally suited to his age group.
Following cartoons is the time to dress up and head outdoors to ride his little bicycle.  He truly loves his birthday gift.  And he also can balance it well.
Jeanette headed out to White Rock, on Friday afternoon, to meet Mariette for a nice afternoon walk in Blackie's Spit along the sea.  They had not seen or chatted with each other for quite some time so there was some catching up to do.
Along Blackie's Spit in Crescent Beach, BC.
So, that covers things from here, for now.  There will be photos and more to write about following today's Easter dinner.

Thanks for dropping by.....and.....we wish you  a Happy, Happy Easter.


  1. Happy Easter to you and your family!!!

  2. Happy Easter to you and your family!

  3. Isn't it great to be a Grandpa and be able to fix your Grandson's little toy?

    Happy Easter and enjoy your get-together today with your family and the facetime with those back in Alberta!

    p.. please tell Jeanette that Mason just loves the little quilt she made for him. He has it with him this weekend and it goes everywhere with him!!

  4. Rick,
    Jeanette was thrilled to learn that Mason likes the little quilt. Very nice!