Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Final Stretch For Home....

Today is our last day on the road for this 2013/14 winter getaway.  Our wheels are about six hours south of our home in Langley, BC.  Once we have buttoned up and once we've said our bye byes to Hector, Diane and Chico, we'll point the wheels northward on I-5 and make our way through Portland, Oregon, and into Washington State.
Nice site in Seven Feathers RV Resort - Canyonville, Oregon.
We have been to many nice RV parks but nothing has been as nice as the Seven Feathers RV Resort.  It's a pleasure to spend a few days here when heading south to, or back north from, the US southwest. 

A parting line in our previous blog mentioned the fact that we could go looking for a golf course in the southern Oregon area.  Well, a golf course was found! Hector and I enjoyed a final winter round before we part ways.  Myrtle Creek Golf Course is a gem to play.  It presents challenges. With the severe elevation changes, choosing to add more or less club tested our prowess.  What fun! 
Hector and I did find this lovely Myrtle Creek Golf Course - 10 miles north from Canyonville.
To have played the course in mid-80's temperatures was an even better treat.  It is not common for this area to experience those high temperatures at this time of the year.  In fact, the temperatures here were better than those we left in the Palm Springs, CA area.  Now....that is an anomaly.
Check out the elevation changes.  Many shots were uphill while others were downhill
Jeanette and Diane spent a pleasant day on a long walk into the town of Canyonville.  They got to drop in on several little shops and then enjoyed a fine lunch in a spot they found.  Hiking back up the mountainside to our RV spot offered a sunny and pleasant outdoor activity for them.
The town of Myrtle Creek, Oregon that is nicely nestled in the valley below.
Back from golf, Hector and I found Diane and Jeanette busy getting some dinner ready and, within minutes, I was busy at the grill.
Preparing dinner.
We actually had to find some shade to enjoy our outdoor meal.  When the sun did set over the westward mountainside, the temperature cooled off quickly.
A little birthday celebration for Diane
Diane celebrates a birthday in April and we took advantage to celebrate with some cheese cake. 
Diane had the arduous task of blowing out four birthday candles.
Through Hector and Diane, we met a lovely couple who call 1000 Palms, CA, their full time home.  Art and Connie are very creative.  They run a small business and one of their creations is a 'Dammit Doll'.  This doll is meant to be thrown when one has a bad golf shot.  Well....Hector and Diane thought this doll could be beneficial in my golf bag.  They got Art and Connie to make me one.  That 'Dammit Doll' was presented to me at dinner.  Well......we sure laughed over that.  Thanks you guys!!!!!
I was the recipient of a 'dammit doll'.  This lovely doll was crafted by friends we met in 1000 Palms, CA
Cheese cake is not nearly as good unless garnished with some fresh strawberries. Not only did we celebrate Diane's birthday, we celebrated our fun times, these past two months, and exchanged some nice gifts.
Yesterday - April 8th - we left Seven Feathers RV Resort for northern Oregon and our very last night on the road.  Sunny skies and warm temperatures were enjoyed as we rolled along I-5.
Another beautiful Tuesday for driving further north to Salem, Oregon.
This rider rode by and offered a big wave.  He was riding the identical motorcycle to ours.  He thumbed up our ride on the swivel wheel behind the 5th wheel.
Meeting friends in Eugene, Oregon, for lunch.  We met Bill and Judy at a Hawaiian event at the Outdoor Resorts in Cathedral City, CA about four weeks back.  Following our blog, Bill got in touch with us about getting together.  We did just that yesterday.  We enjoyed seeing these folks once again and chatting up their future travel plans. 
Lunch and laughter at Applebees in Eugene, Oregon
We said our bye byes and continued rolling north from Eugene to our planned northern Oregon stop for the night.   It is here, in Salem, Oregon, that we part company with Hector and Diane.  Jeanette and I will continue north on  Washington State'sI-5 through Olympia, Tacoma, Seattle, Everett and Bellingham, before crossing the border into Canada and arriving at our home, only five minutes from there.

Hector and Diane - who call Nanaimo, BC, on Vancouver Island, home - will leave later as they head west from Olympia toward Port Angeles and the MV Coho Ferry to Victoria, BC.  They plan on taking two days to complete their journey.

Our journey requires us to be home to celebrate our grandson's birthday tomorrow - April 10th.  Easton will be two years old.  We are looking forward to that. 
Chico dropped by our home on wheels to seek out a treat.  Did he get one?  No.......he got two!  It is so nice to share this wonderful dog during our winter travels.  Not that we plan to get a dog but if we did, it would be Portuguese Water Dog. 
Our next blog will come from our home in British Columbia, Canada. in the days ahead. 
Side by each in Salem, Oregon
Thanks for dropping in.


  1. Looks like great final few days there, travel safe and enjoy your time with the family at home.

  2. It's been a great winter!! Safe travels today.

  3. I'm glad I can wish Easton an early Happy Birthday! 2 years old - wow!

    Looked to be a fun golf course to play, Rene. If it had been me I'd have probably worn that doll out!!

    Welcome home to Canada!

  4. Nice looking day in Oregon. It was low 70’s when we parked for the night in Twin Falls, Idaho. Can't complain about the weather this April can we?
    Have fun with the Birthday Boy!

  5. hard to believe that Easton is going to be two already!! safe travels to you both as you continue northward! almost home!!