Monday, November 10, 2014

A Few Days To Go Before Heading Out.

With our RV maintenance checks completed - and all systems working - all we have left to do is to move the required clothing into the 5th wheel, stock up the refrigerators with stuff, attach the swivel wheel and load the motorcycle, hitch up and roll out.
Washed and clean
In the previous blog, I spoke of having washed the RV roof and while doing that, I rubbed the brush against one of three plumbing roof vents.  So brittle from several years of sun damage, the first one disintegrated. If one vent broke, the other two would be as brittle too.  I chose to replace them all.
.....and new.
I have one more golf game this Wednesday, Nov. 12th, before the golf clubs get cleaned in preparation for desert golf this winter.

We also have one more family event - this coming weekend -before we flee the Pacific Northwest Coast of BC and head south for the sunnier climes of the US southwest.
Easton enjoying playing with the fallen leaves
"Hey....this is fun...."
While Easton was enjoying playing in the leaves here in Langley country on the BC coast, his little cousin, Owen was tasting the freshly fallen snow in Edmonton, Alberta.
Owen, at 10 months of age, gets his very first taste of fresh snow.
"Hey Nana and Grand Papa, this snow tastes really good.....and it is nice and cold too."

Every kid who gets the chance needs to take a bite of snow.  This is Owen's very first play time in the snow.  Good fun!
Brie is out for a walk.
Our Langley, BC based daughter and son in law were celebrating their wedding anniversary this past weekend.  Jeanette called Trevor and offered that we take Easton and Brie for a sleepover.  Trevor and Ginette could enjoy an evening out.  They were up for that.  And it was nice break away from the kids too.
We kept Easton and Brie busy and with nice sunny weather, the local park was a magnet for some fun.
When we put Brie and Easton down for their overnight sleepover at our home, they were quick to sleep following a busy day of activities. It was kind sweet watching Easton almost falling asleep during his meal.  He was one tired little fella.
Outdoor fun.
Easton sure loves to help out with stuff - especially outdoor stuff.  I offered a ride on the Kawasaki 1500 Nomad motorcycle and he was quick to jump at that.  We suited up and took two rides in the rural area roads that surround our place.  He loved every second of those rides.
Ready to go riding...
Riding away from our driveway...
Back home.
Even after the second ride, Easton was game for more.  We were able to distract him when Nana offered up a nice outdoor treat of juice and some baked goods.  That made for an easy transition away from the motorcycle and to other things. 

Easton and I puttered around outdoors while Jeanette kept Brie occupied.  Brie does love the outdoors too.
"The sun is bright, Nana."
Brie had just woken up from a nap when Jeanette brought her outdoors.  The bright sunshine kept her eyes closed till shade could be found.

Our 'Open Mic' Sunday group met up early and much discussion took place on numerous subjects before we all headed out to Hemmingway's on White Rock Beach for what is becoming a ritual breakfast.    The Hemingway Waterfront Public House, White Rock - Reviews, Phone Number & Photos - TripAdvisor

With a few more tasks to manage this week, we will be ready to roll out from here next week.

Thanks for dropping by. 


  1. It's always fun to spend time with the grandchildren but there is a question. Who wore who out?
    Our temps will start dropping way below seasonal on Wednesday. Hopefully you won't have that before making your escape to the warmer climes.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  2. Getting a few last minute preps done then you will be on the road.

  3. Lots of wonderful pics of the grandkids and all their activities this week. My fav is the one of Owen in the snow!!

    It's pretty amazing how the sun turns those plastic covers so brittle. Good thinking on replacing all of them.

    Our countdown will be starting soon as well.