Saturday, November 29, 2014

Friends, A Birthday and Rolling Further South....

Our friends from Corona, CA rolled into Caliente' Springs RV Resort a few days back. We had received an email from Lolita and Allen .  Their plans had worked out and they would be spending the Thanksgiving holidays here.
Allen and Lolita
While here, we twice got together.  It was fun to reconnect. Our last get together was at this resort, two years ago. 
Their home away from home.
We first met through blogging.  Although they curtailed their blog writing, Allen and Lolita continue to follow several blogs and knowing we had landed in Caliente' Springs, it was nice of them to drop in.  We spent several hours catching up.  We'll be seeing them more often, I would believe, given that they plan to roll away from Corona, CA more often now.
One of the many ponds that grace the grounds at Caliente' Springs Resort.
While tasked with taking the trash to the bin at the resort entrance, I chose to walk there.  I took the camera along.  Within a few minutes I had captured several nice photos of this lovely resort.
The exit
One of the visitors.
This is a family owned resort.  Although I did not get a photo, a field directly east of the resort grounds is now chocker block full of hundreds upon hundreds of solar panels.  Speaking with a full time resident here, he stated that the family had that power structure built to meet the electrical needs of the resort.  And, if he is to be believed (and I don't doubt his word), the solar grid now meets better than 90% of the entire resort's power needs.  Not bad!
One of nine holes of golf in the resort.
There is a short, Par 3 golf course in this resort.  One only needs an 8 iron, a wedge and a putter to play the course.  It is a fun activity though.  Some holes truly challenge one's short game.  Walking around in the part is a nice activity too.
The birthday girl trying on some Black Friday clothing
Black Friday was also Jeanette's birthday.  We had not really planned to shop during the 'crazy' Black Friday crush of shoppers but driving to a favourite grocery outlet, we rolled by a Big 5 Sporting good store.  It did not look busy.  Jeanette was looking for a new pair of running shoes.  So, the big dually was tugged off the road and into the parking lot.  

The store was not busy!  Phew!  I prefer to avoid crowds but I was pleasantly surprised with the lack of shoppers.  The attendant echoed our good timing.  Only minutes earlier, the store was a zoo.  So, Jeanette not only found the running shoes she likes, she found some sports clothing she liked too.  And it was her birthday, after all.  So, an hour later, we left there with a smiling birthday girl who was quite thrilled with her purchases.....and, I'm told, at great discount prices.  Oh, and I did end up with a new pair of running shoes too.
Lucky and Trena picked us up for a Friday night fun time.
In honour of Jeanette's birthday, we chose to celebrate it away from the park.  Lucky and Trena came by and we headed out.  Well, what a fun time we had.  Following a mid-80's day in the valley, the beers and food were great.  The company?  Even better.
At the karaoke bar, Lucky told the MC about Jeanette's birthday and, as it turned out, he and Lucky sang "Happy Birthday"'
Jeanette and Lucky' wife, Trena, were totally surprised and thrilled by the singing.  We sure enjoyed some good laughter. We were back at our site by 8:00 pm.
Leaving here today.
We depart this lovely RV park today to continue our southern trek.  Our journey today will see us travel about 90 minutes west and south to the city of Temecula.  We have planned a four day stay there before heading further south to San Diego.  

Following planned 'Face Time' with our kids, and their kids, this morning, we'll button up our fiver, load the motorcycle and head out. 

It has been a fun time here, these past seven days.  We met long time bloggers, Croft and Norma, good friends from Corona, and good friends from home and here - Lucky and Trena.  We got to ride well over 700 miles with our motorcycle (including a fun group ride to Oceanside), relax in the spa facilities and sit out in the fine mid-80's temperatures. complaints here!

That's it from here, for now.  Thanks for dropping in.


  1. Nice that you got to meet up with Allen and Lolita again.
    Great birthday fun for Jeanette as well.
    Travel Safe and enjoy San Diego we toured there a few years ago and had a ball.

  2. Sounds like a wonderful Birthday for Jeanette, safe travels and enjoy our home town of San Diego!

  3. Happy Birthday, Jeanette - looks like you had a great one!

    Nice pics of the resort.

    Safe travels down to Temecula!

  4. Happy belated birthday to Jeannette! how nice to see Allen and Lolita's smiling faces again!!!

  5. Happy Birthday to Jeanette! Safe travels on your way further south, maybe we will meet up again.

  6. Happy Birthday. It looks like you had fun!