Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Update from the Previous Blog Re: ABS Issue

Following up on the previous blog, I mentioned that I would be calling the service department at the Eugene, Oregon Ford dealership.  We did get a service appointment for 10:30 am.  

We woke up to -6 degrees Celsius in Harrisburg, Oregon.
The service adviser was very thorough and understanding.  Our truck was quickly delivered to one of the service bays where the ABS brake issue was diagnosed.  The computer showed a failing 'Rear Speed Sensor'.  It was replaced.  A complete inspection was included, with a major emphasis on the brakes.  The brakes are fine.  So, following a few hours in the service shop, it was returned to us. 

The motorcycle was frozen solid this morning.
While the Ford dealer was looking into our ABS issue, we walked around the area - featuring a very large shopping centre - and then found an Olive Garden for lunch.  

After leaving the Ford dealer, we topped up with diesel and purchased some groceries before returning to the RV park in Harrisburg.
Back in our RV spot at the River Life RV Resort
Once the groceries were stored, it was time to return to the office to pay for night No. 2 here.  It was then that we chose to take a late afternoon walk before sun set.  It was still cool but our walk was refreshing.
The Willamette River that runs along side our RV park.
Out for a late afternoon walk.  The ice is prominent in the waterfall at the entrance to the RV park.
With the ABS brake issue resolved, we leave here comfortable with the fact that the problem is now resolved. And the Ford dealer's service?  In one word; great!  When it was time to complete the paper work for the cashier, the dealer's computer system crashed.  We had to wait one half hour longer for the IT crew to fix the problem.  We were OK with that.  The coffee was good.  Due to making us wait that extra half hour, 10% of the total bill was discounted.  Nice gesture. 

We are set to roll further south tomorrow - Wednesday.

Thanks for dropping in.


  1. Nice easy fix and now you have a peace of mind, travel safe.

  2. Good to hear. The rest of the trip should be a breeze.

  3. That's cool--the Ford dealership giving you a discount for waiting! Glad you are back on the road again!

  4. It's always a comforting sign when the techs actually find the problem and replace a part. I always fee uncomfortable when I'm told "we couldn't find the problem, it's probably o.k."!

  5. Glad to hear it was an easy fix on the truck! As we say, "breaks are always good"... Hope you warm up soon! That bike looked real cold!

  6. Coincidentally in the fall of 2008, Brenda and I spent some time in Eugene doing some work on our Discovery. While there we got a warning light on the Jeep and when we took it in to the dealer they said it was a Speed Sensor. They didn't have one in stock and as we were just towing it behind us we chose to drag it all the way down to Monterey to get it fixed. Nice town Eugene, but maybe there is something there that is hard on Speed Sensors. Travel safe!