Saturday, November 22, 2014

Finally Some Sun....

Writing from Orange Grove RV Park, in Bakersfield, CA, this Saturday morning, the sun is out.  Yeah!!!  We have not seen the sun since we left home, this Monday past.  It is still cool though.  
Still drizzling when we drove out of Kit Fox RV Park in Patterson, CA, yesterday.
We drove under low clouds again yesterday.  The sun did try to peek through but that only happened once we were settled in at the Orange Grove RV Park, just east from Bakersfield, CA.
Cattle country
I-5 shoulder junk
South from Sacramento, the roadside shoulders are littered with junk - all kinds of junk.  North of Sacramento it is the complete opposite; the shoulders are clean.  Why that is?  Don't know!
Traffic was fine

Registration at Orange Grove RV Park was quick
We rolled into the RV park at about 1:30 pm.  It took little time to register and we were driving to our site.  Although it looks like no one was here, within two hours, the park was half full with RVers.
Level pull through sites
The oranges look ripe for the picking.
 Posted signs state that the oranges are not to be picked till January, 2015. The trees are nice to look at.

The  ominously dark sky to north east looked threatening.
With a mild breeze from the west, the dark skies above moved slowly eastward and we avoided what would have been a severe downpour.  

A long walk around the RV park felt good and when the sun shone, it felt good too.  Warm clothing was necessary to cut the cool breeze.

No swimmers?  Simply not inviting when it is cool out.
Some creative pruning.
Our destination today (Saturday) is towards Palm Springs country. Although we don't often reserve our RV sites, we chose to send an email to the Caliente' Hot Springs Resort in Desert Hot Springs.  we've stayed there several times in the past.  We like it there.  A return email stated that no reservations were required because the resort had plenty of available spots.  Good!

We'll take our time closing up this morning before rolling our for the 3 to 4 hour drive to Caliente' Resort.

Thanks for dropping in.


  1. Lots of sunshine waiting for you down here!

  2. yay your out of the bad is ok you don't have to shovel it :) ENJOY

  3. Enjoy that wonderful weather there, hope we can get there this winter, we are trying....