Sunday, November 23, 2014

Back to Sun, Sand and Heat

We rolled into Desert Hot Springs (in Palm Springs country) at 2:00 pm, Saturday afternoon.   The temperature hovered in the mid-70's.  Nice......very nice.  
Our home for the week.
Leaving the Bakersfield area on Saturday morning, the sun was out but the eastern horizon - our heading - was showing plenty of low lying cloud.  There was a heavy dew on the truck and fiver.
Orange Grove RV Park, Bakersfield, CA
By 9:30 yesterday morning, we rolled away from our nice spot in Orange Grove. We anticipated a four hour drive to Desert Hot Springs.  
Recently seeded field just east from Bakersfield.
Evidence of the low lying fog.
The low lying fog did not slow us down.  We were able to keep pace with the weekend traffic all without losing sight of the road.  Four years ago, that was not the case in this area.  We were three RV'ers, in convoy, and the road was soupy; so soupy that we had no idea what the topography looked like in the Tehachapi area.  And it is a beautiful area.  It was nice to see it again this year.  Tehachapi, CA - Official Website - Home

Coming out of the Tehachapi hills just above Edwards Air Force Base in Mohave.
Jeanette being creative with the Nikon.
We would ordinarily drive to Barstow before turning south towards Yucca Valley and into Desert Hot Springs.  Deciding to change it up this year, we left highway C-58, headed south on 395 through Victorville, then onto I-15 south to I-10 eastbound.  Time wise, it is quite likely that either route is comparable.  There is far less traffic heading through Barstow and Yucca Valley to get into the Palm Springs Valley.

The tall,  electricity  generating windmills are all the evidence one needs to know that Palm Springs is quickly approaching.
Shortly after arriving at our RV resort, we were checked in, rolled up to our spot, removed the motorcycle and backed into our level spot.  That done, we drove to downtown Desert Hot Springs to shop for some grocery items we needed.
Settled into our spot at Caliente' Springs RV Resort.  Our 5th wheel is in the middle.
A nice outdoor barbecue was enjoyed followed by a relaxing soak in one of the four natural hot springs pools the resort offers.

In the coolest of the hot pools, we enjoyed the company of Jim; a late 70's retiree who calls this place home, these past four years.  After full timing for better than 10 years, he purchased a park model at Caliente' Springs. He is one learned man.  Incredibly well read,  his ideas are clear and well founded.  He is a breath of fresh air.  He would be a far better political analyst than any who grace the TV screens we watch nowadays.  We look forward to chatting Jim up again in the days ahead.

The motorcycle and truck both need a good cleaning and that will occupy the first few hours of my day, today.  Yes, it is nice to be back in the land of sun, sand and heat.

Thanks for dropping in.


  1. We are very close to you at Desert Oasis. We will have to get together for a coffee or something.

  2. Aughhh...memories of Caliente Springs! One of our favourites for sure...enjoy!

  3. Nice to see you made it back to DHS safely, a great way to start your first day firing up the BBQ. Hope we can see you guys this year. WE have some high winds blowing in our area this morning.

  4. Allen and Lolita,

    We have good intentions to get in touch. In fact, leaving Calient' next Saturday, we are planning to spend a few days in an RV resort in Temecula before moving further south to San Diego. That would bring us closer to you two. So, we have to plan a get together. Let's keep in touch.

  5. Just as a coincidence, we're spending the night in Caliente Nevada, where we desperatly need a hot pool. It's heading below freezing again tonight, but we'll be at Lake Havasu tomorrow, and back in shorts and sandals weather. Yaay!

  6. Great to see those pics of Desert Hot Springs and especially Caliente Springs. Those blue skies sure look nice. Can't wait to get down there.

  7. Nice that you are finally there we were planning on being there for Christmas, but we have put bthe brakes on our westward journey for a bit, playing it by ear.
    Enjoy the sun and warmth.