Friday, November 21, 2014

Seeing Signs of Sun...

We spent less time driving yesterday than days previous. We had also decided to make it a shorter driving day.  Our destination?  Patterson, CA.  That would be about a four hour drive further south on I-5.
Curious RV/motorcyclists garnering some information on the swivel wheel
The couple in the above photo, from Washington State, chatted me up when I was storing our water hose.  The conversation began with the comment that I was traveling illegally.  I have heard that so many times, I no longer keep count.  That said, I explained that this was our 5th year with the swivel wheel behind our fiver and that we had experienced many State Patrols who followed us, checked the connection as they drove by and, discovering that the swivel wheel is not a ball hitch, continued driving past us. We have never, ever been stopped by any law enforcement officers.  A little research goes a long way to understanding anything that is uncommon!

Once we got that cleared up, the couple got quite excited about the possibility that they too could transport their motorcycle on future trips.  The major handicap is whether their 5th wheel is suitable for the swivel wheel hook up.  They would have to confirm that with the manufacturer of their 5th wheel. Our Forest River built 5th wheel is manufactured with frame rails that support a receiver.
Driving out of our Rolling Hills RV spot.
Leaving The Rolling Hills RV park, the drizzle had returned and within one hour, it turned into heavy rain.

Driving through Sacramento's much improved highways.

Our arrival at the Kit Fox RV Park, Patterson, CA
Looking  outdoors this morning, the sky is spotty but we did see a fair bit of blue sky.  The average temperature hovers near 60 degrees F.  That is an improvement.  Heading further south, we've set our sights on spending the night at the Orange Grove RV Park, just east from Bakersfield.  It won't be a long day at the wheel.
Our spot at Kit Fox RV Park.
So, we may well be driving under blue skies.  That would be a nice change.  But for those good folks who live in this area, the heavy rains were well received.  And we cheer that fact along with them.

That's it from here.

Thanks for dropping by.


  1. Another few RV parks mentioned that we've stayed - Rolling Hills of course, but also Kit Fox and the Orange Grove.

    Sure hope the sun comes out for you today especially for your stop in Bakersfield.

  2. I'll bet you are the subject of lots of second looks with your set-up. The rains must be welcome, but you need some sunshine soon.

  3. Sunshine and dry roads are much nicer for travelling good luck on better weather soon.