Saturday, November 15, 2014

Ready To Roll....

That's right!  We're ready to roll out early Monday morning.  Barring any unforeseen circumstances, we will be crossing the Aldergrove, BC, border at 8:00 am.  
Archival photo.
Easton is working on the Christmas tree his Nana gave him.  He placed a bunch of sticker type decorations on the tree. 
We had all three of our grand-kids over this past week.  That is reason enough to delay our departure for the US southwest. Easton and Brie dropped by a few times and Owen, along with his folks, flew in from Edmonton for the weekend.  What fun!
Brie spending some outdoor time with Nana.
Our long time friends from Ladysmith, Vancouver Island, dropped by last week. Our kids grew up together and they were our neighbours for a long time.  We enjoyed some nice chat over lunch at our home.  Nice to see Gwen and Steve, and to catch up.
L-R  Steve, Jeanette, Gwen and Brie.
Our little Brie is really moving around now.  She crawls very quickly and is quick to standup whenever any prop presents itself.  Fun to see.  She may well be walking by the time we return home for Christmas. 
Brie is having fun with her special toys.
Easton is enjoying the company of his sister far more now that she can crawl around. He is very good with her.

"Hey look at me.  I am able to stand up!"
Friday morning had me drive the few minutes to the Abbotsford Airport to greet Deni, Courtney and Owen who flew in from Edmonton for the weekend.  They spent Friday and Friday night with us.  

We sure had a nice time with Owen.  He too is crawling quickly and he also looks for anything that will help him stand up.  He could well also be walking by the time we see him this Christmas.
L-R  Courtney, Owen and Deni enjoying some play time on the floor.
Out in search of the kids play park near our home
Friday afforded us some bright sun.  The wind was kind of cool though but we bundled up and headed out to the local park to introduce Owen to the fun stuff there.
He quickly caught on to sliding. 
He figured out that sliding head first would be speedier. What fun!  He was not happy to get back in his stroller for the return trip home.
Back at home, Nana was caught sitting outdoors with Owen.
Courtney and Deni were attending Courtney's mom's surprise 60th birthday party on Friday evening.  Jeanette and I babysat Owen.  Bonus for us! He is a great little fella. We thoroughly enjoyed spending the quality time with him.
"This is fun!"
Our little Owen provided us with a lot of laughs.  He is an engaging little fella with a nice demeanor.
After Deni and Courtney left to attend the surprise birthday party, Jeanette and I played with Owen, fed him dinner, and before bed time, he was treated a nice tub bath.  He loves to play in the water and he made good on that. I think Nana was as wet as Owen by the time bath time was over.
"Hey, I can stand up and look outside too!"
Once put to bed, Owen only woke up once (at 4:00 am) then promptly fell asleep till 6:30 am.  His parents got to have a nice sleep too. 

Following breakfast, Deni, Courtney and Owen packed up and drove to Courtney's mom's home for a Saturday visit.  She lives about 20 minutes west from our home. They will be by our home early Sunday morning for another brief visit before catching their mid-morning return flight to Edmonton.
Soon to roll.....    (Archive photo)
Once our Edmonton family head to the airport, Jeanette and I will pull our 5th wheel out in front of our home, attach the swivel wheel, load and tie down the motorcycle.  That is the last task we have to complete.  

Only two of our foursome could get out for golf this Wednesday past.  What a fantastic day to play.  We were dressed in layers.  The early morning was quite cool but when the sun warmed up, we pulled of some layers.
Eaglemont Golf and Country Club - The Pacific Ocean can be seen in the far background.
The golf course was not busy but we did have a 90 minute delay to allow the sun to clear the frost on a few shaded greens.      Seattle, Mount Vernon, Burlington,Washington,Public Golf Course,Eaglemont Golf Course
Yours truly with the stunningly beautiful Mount Baker in the background.
What a great winter day for golf in the Pacific Northwest - Washington State.  The golf course is only a 40 minute drive south from the Canada/USA border.  A normal round of 18 holes takes between 4.5 and 5 hours to complete.  Denis and I were first off the Tee.  With no one ahead to slow us down, we played the entire 18 holes in 3 hours 15 minutes.  That is a record.  We wasted little time. Awesome golf course, awesome conditions, awesome weather, awesome experience!
Denis had set up this game and it was unfortunate that the other golf members could not make the outing.
So, that was the last golf round for the 2014 season.  The golf clubs will next be put to use in the desert sometime soon.

The next blog will most likely be posted from somewhere in northern or middle Oregon. 

Thanks for dropping in.


  1. Have a safe journey. We'll be about 4 or 5 days behind you. Nice to have the kidlets around. We've only been able to Facetime with ours lately, but it's been fun!

  2. have a safe trip south of the border..we will be riding along!!

  3. safe travels and enjoy the journey.

  4. Safe travels--those grandchildren are beautiful!!

  5. The grandchildren are all starting to be at the age that we can notice more of their development as Grandparents then we could with our own children.
    Enjoy your safe travels and we are looking forward to seeing what you are up to.

    It's about time.

  6. The pics of all the grandchildren sure are nice - a lot of real cuties in that group of photos.

    Safe travels tomorrow and hopefully you'll get a nice border agent!