Tuesday, March 17, 2015

A Fun Filled Seven Days....

And that it was.  A busy seven days with our kids and grand kids has come and gone.  
Easton having fun....
And Brie enjoying herself too.
There was no shortage of activities to keep everyone busy.  From pool time to the Children's Museum - to hiking and motorcycling - to Polo and dinner - we covered a wide spectrum of interesting fun.
Very early morning hike with Jeanette
Trevor got to hike the local area early on some mornings.   Jeanette joined him for a long, long hike only a few days back.

Running up the hills and mountains behind our RV park.
With the mid-90's daytime temperatures, our RV air conditioners were well exercised....and we also exercised in the resort pools.  And good fun that was!

Easton loved to check out the fish in the numerous ponds that dot Caliente' Springs Resort.  Every day, he enjoyed dropping by one pond to check out his favourite fish.  Oh....and he fed the fish often.
Off Bob Hope Drive in Palm Desert is an amazing children's museum.  Whoever thought up this concept, and designed it, succeeded in establishing a wonderful facility that captivates kids...young and old.  We took Easton and Brie there, last Sunday, and what a fun time we had.  There are so many amazing things to challenge kids from age 1 through to 16.  
Easton loved the up and down running track
This giant sponge block play area was a draw.
 Easton had to spend some time on this older Kawasaki 1000 Police motorcycle. 
Brie and this little girl communicated as only one year old kids can.
Easton waited his turn to drive this little wooden toy car....!  A minute later, he had a passenger.
His passenger wanted a turn at the wheel....and Easton moved over.  
It is fun to watch kids (who don't know each other) interact and share in the pleasures of the numerous activities this museum offers.  I was in awe watching kids be kids.  What a treat!

But lunchtime took us outdoors for a break away from the fun.. But once re-energized, Easton was quick to want to get back indoors and into the fun things this museum offers.
By 2:00 pm, Sunday, it was time to secure Easton and Brie into their car seats to head off to meet their folks at the Polo match in the city of Indio.  Trevor and Ginette were invited to join friends for a couple of matches.  We arrived part way through the second match.
Trevor took Brie and Easton to check out the sidelines.
Seated in the shade on a very hot Sunday afternoon.
Polo, as we learned from our first visit there, several weeks back, is an attractive spectator sport.  Ginette and Trevor attended their very first match.  They thoroughly enjoyed it.
L-R  Ginette and Trevor with their hosts, Lisa and Peter.
Back at Caliente' Springs, it was back into the pools to cool down.  Easton enjoyed so many high throws in the air by his dad.....and laugh he did.  Brie enjoyed the cooling effect and was not shy to splash in the water.
One last swim for our guests before it was time to gather everyone together for the trip back to the airport.
As with all good things, the time comes when reality strikes and everyone has to return to life's routine.  Ginette, Trevor, Brie and Easton were set to fly back home on a 6:30 pm flight last evening.  Jeanette and I drove them to the Palm Springs Airport, shared in hugs and kisses before our little family was out of sight in the security area.

Ginette did text, when they were only mere minutes from their Langley, BC home, last night.  It seems that Easton was calm and collected on the return flight but Brie proved to be a bit of a challenge.  Without a decent afternoon nap, Brie was a bit out of sorts. 

They are back home and their routine should return in the days ahead.
Final photo at the Palm Springs Airport.
And with the little family back home in BC, our RV routine will return today.  Before that though, we have some clean up to take care of and stuff to put away.  But it is all good.

Thanks for dropping in.


  1. We could learn so much from kids. They do not care what color their playmates are or what language they speak. Sorry, my political hat is stuck on... Great photos and a great time but now for the well deserved rest!

  2. So much fun family time. great memories!