Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Coastal Road Trip - Day 1

We're on a three day coastal road trip - 'sans (without) motorcycles'.  We're three couples, in one vehicle, on a journey away from the desert.
Mt San Jacinto - early Tuesday morning.
To those RVers who winter in the Palm Springs area, the photo above is not new to anyone who looked at Mt San Jacinto or Mt San Gorgonio on Tuesday morning.  The recent rains dropped some major snows at elevations of 4,000 feet, plus.
Early morning fire at our resort. 
We did smell smoke early on Tuesday morning and we did hear the numerous fire trucks approaching our RV resort.  And sure as can be, the fire must have been major for four fire and rescue trucks to appear. We witnessed the action on our drive out from Caliente' Springs Resort.

We don't know the extent of damage that was done to the resort facilities but a friend emailed to tell us that the story made the local Palms Springs TV news.  I guess we'll learn more upon our return this Friday.
The view up Highway 74 over the Santa Rosa Mountains
We opted to drive rather than ride on this trip.  Good thing too.  The snow level was as low as 4,000 feet and we saw plenty of it while heading south and west to Anza, Warner Springs and Santa Ysabel.
A mid-morning coffee break at the Julian Pie Company in Santa Ysabel...
Our first day plan was to meander through the mountain highways as we slowly made our way to Oceanside and our overnight stop in Carlsbad.   It was a picture perfect day.  The sun was out, the winds were down, and with outdoor temperatures that hovered between 43 and 64 degrees (on the truck dash) we cruised with little traffic.  A most pleasant day!
At Oceanside.
Familiar to many who have traveled here, the Oceanside pier - with Ruby's dinner at the far end - is a must see place.  And we did just that.  The walk along the pier required a light jacket to ward off the ocean breeze.
Pleasant but cool day.
Catching a glimpse of hardy surfers and swimmers
A nice couple who saw us taking photos offered to take the group shot below on our way to Ruby's for lunch.
L-R   Jeanette, me, Diane, Hector, Lucky and Trena
Jeanette captured this photo from the 2nd floor of Ruby's diner, looking east back to shore.
We walked to the lunch place and back; taking in the sites and sounds of the shoreline birds, the tourists and  the locals who were dropping their lures in the hopes of catching fish.
This pelican made a bee line for my head just as I took the photo.
Not sure it was charging at me, I ducked only to watch the pelican land right between me and a fisherman.  I guess it was hoping for some lunch.  And maybe, just maybe it got some food from this generous fella. (photo below)

Other than the very few surfers and swimmers, the beaches were quiet.
By mid-afternoon, we had reached our overnight spot in Carlsbad, registered and enjoyed a late afternoon sunset gathering on the second level deck overlooking the Pacific Ocean.
We found a quaint and satisfying dinner spot last evening.  That followed a nice walk around the central core in Carlsbad.

Our destination today will see us driving the Pacific Ocean shorelines and main streets of the small towns and cities as we make our way into San Diego.

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  1. Sounds like a fun road trip and I know you will have a great time. enjoy!

  2. The thing I like about traveling in an RV the most is that not only is it expansive, it can let you cross all those landmarks while completely and literally have the benefits of your own home. So yes, you should always maintain your RVs and never leave them astray. Thanks for sharing that! All the best!

    Austin Hawkins @ Champion Trailers

  3. A great little road trip. We sure enjoyed our trip to the coast.

  4. great road trip to the coast! that is a fabulous pelican photo!! amazing!!!