Friday, March 6, 2015

Coastal Road Trip - Day 3

Our third day on the road was our second day in San Diego. This city has much to offer and to take as much in as possible - and to satisfy differing tastes in activities - we split up into two groups: One group was keen on touring the USS Midway Aircraft Carrier + a harbour tour and the other group chose to visit Old Town, Balboa Park and the Seaport areas.
Another beautiful morning looking out in the San Diego harbour.
Early morning walk to our breakfast spot.
One of several boats displayed at the Maritime Museum on the waterfront.
Breakfast completed, Jeanette, Lucky and Trena headed for their planned tour of the Midway Aircraft Carrier Museum.  It sits anchored near the cruise ship terminal.
One can spend an entire day and not see everything this wartime carrier has to offer.
Diane, Hector and I headed for 'Old Town' San Diego.  It is the historic district that offers an old town market, shops, restaurants and museums.  We spent the better part of two hours touring this place.  And it was a worthy place to visit.  Established in 1821, this area has a rich Mexican/American history.
The original Cosmopolitan Hotel still stands.
Haunted home of an early baron who settled here.
The locals claim the home is haunted.  While visiting here, one little school girl was so spooked, her teacher had to escort her outdoors.  We witnessed several elementary school kids touring Old Town....and it was fun to see them engaged in learning about the early history here.
Original storefront like this exist and add to the character here.
Strong Mexican influence remains today.
What would an Old Town be without an authentic saloon?
Very, very early hand made wooden wheels
The livery stable in Old Town is where a lot of historical stuff is exhibited.  It's here that Hector and I spent a lot of time learning about early settlers, their trials and tribulations and the great sacrifices that were made to get here.  Travel was incredibly difficult in the early 1800's.
Beautiful stagecoach.
Another most interesting attraction is the very first graveyard in Old Town
Justice was often swift but not always fair.  But justice was meted out by juries and punishment was quick to follow.  The grave yard below is where Old Yankee Jim rests.  His story is written up and you can click on the photos below to get a better read of what led to his demise.  
Old Yankee Jim's resting place.
Click on the photo for a larger view....
Old Town sits on the original 101 highway.
The true story about the American cowboy.....  (Click for a larger screen)
Now....some of our RV blogging friends may want a little refresher on the origin of the American cowboy.  I photographed the above for their benefit.  I know that JB @ DogPound South  John & Brenda's Incredible Journey and Montana Mike (Janna's cowboy) Tin TeePee/Log Cabin will enjoy reading this bit of history.

The harbour cruise boat that toured Jeanette, Trena and Lucky
With Jeanette, Trena and Lucky touring the harbour by boat, Diane, Hector and I were walking our way around the area.  This is a very good 'walking' city.  And walk we did!   
The inner city marina sits next door to the massive convention centre.
Beautiful skyline
We were sitting in Seaport Village when a massive aircraft carrier cruised by.  I did not get the name but it was super large.
The carrier making its way to the naval port - site of the Pacific Naval fleet
By 5:15 pm, our harbour cruise trio returned to land and by all accounts, their day was a truly good one.
With stories to tell about the Midway and harbour tour, Jeanette, Trena and Lucky were our guides to their day.  We followed up with our stories as we made our way to a nice dinner spot along the harbour front.
Still smiling as Trena, Jeanette and Lucky walk the gang plank off the Admiral Hornblower.
Today is our planned return drive back to Palm Springs.  We will head east on I-8 to Highway 79 will have to tune in for more tomorrow.......!

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  1. We spent a couple days exploring San Diego and fun interesting place to visit.

  2. You guys have had a great trip!! The cowboy said thanks for the history lesson!! :)))

  3. Lots of vaquero's still working this border country.