Thursday, March 12, 2015

Little Surprises...

We were at the Palm Springs Airport, late on Monday afternoon to collect our little surprises.  Grandson, Easton and grand daughter, Brie had arrived with their parents, Ginette and Trevor to spend one week with us.
Palm Springs airport, late Monday afternoon
The Allegiant Air flight was slated to land @ 5:44 pm.  And it did just that.  The flight was on time.  Before long, Jeanette had the camera ready and she captured a few photos of our little guests and their parents.
Ginette with baby Brie and Trevor with grandson, Easton.
Easton (now almost three years of age) was excited about the flight and the opportunity to visit with us.  When he saw his Nana, Jeanette,  he ran to her with arms outstretched and ready for big hugs.  He was excited.
So happy to see our little Easton
He wondered where his Grand Papa was!  While waiting for their flight to arrive, a very elderly lady from Newark, New Jersey was desperately trying to use a new cell phone to call the hotel shuttle to pick her up.  I noticed that she was perplexed and frustrated.  I lent assistance and before long, she was seated in the shuttle with her luggage stowed, on her way to her accommodations.  Nice lady.
 Easton did find me near the front entrance at the airport.  He was as thrilled as I was to exchange hugs. 
Readying to install the baby seats in our truck
Before long, the baby seats were installed and we rolled away towards our RV park at Caliente' Springs.
Brie was happy......
Easton was happy......
Relaxing after dinner at our RV site.
And Ginette and Trevor were happy to have a couple more child handlers following a very busy day.

To accommodate our visitors, we removed the two Lazy Boy recliners from the salon, placed them under cover outdoors to make room for a nice blow up mattress for Easton and the playpen for Brie.  

Our RV has a separate rear living room that includes a French door.  It easily makes into a second bedroom.  And it works well for visitors.   
Playing outdoors - Day 1
Brie was happy to be enjoying the nice outdoor temperatures.
Now just one year old, Brie has been walking for three weeks.  It's a treat to watch her balance and walk.  

Our kids did not want to venture out; preferring to enjoy a more quiet day at our resort.  That included a nice swim in the pool followed by a few minutes in the coolest of the four  natural hot springs.

While Trevor and I were in Desert Hot Springs for a brief errand run, Rick Doyle   Rick's Bits 'n Bytes, Pics and News  had stopped by our site.  Upon our return, we enjoyed a brief visit before Rick left back for the Sands RV and Golf Resort. 
A nice barbecue dinner
It is fun to have our family members here and to spend some quality time with the grand kids.  It's also a nice break for Easton and Brie's parents who can enjoy some time away from the incredibly busy lives back home in Langley, BC.

Everyone (kids too) are sleeping very, very well in the 5th wheel.

Today (Thursday) will see us travel outside our RV park.  More on that later.

Thanks for dropping by.


  1. So nice that you can have the company and enjoy the grands!

  2. That should be another great visit. Our son and his girlfriend arrive tomorrow morning. It should be busy!

  3. Sure glad the weather's so great for your family's visit here. I know you'll all be having a wonderful time.

    It was great being able to meet Ginette, Trever and little Brie the other day too while Easton was having a nap.