Saturday, March 14, 2015

Keeping Busy With The Little Visitors...

Early morning outdoor fun......
Although my motorcycle is having some problems, I did manage to take Easton for a brief ride around the park.
My '03 Kawasaki Vulcan Nomad motorcycle is showing signs of stress from so many road miles.  On second thought, I should have brought the Harley Davidson down with us this winter.  The Nomad is still looking good but a few issues have cropped up of late; the bevel gear from the engine to the drive shaft is wearing out and grinding.  And just yesterday, the clutch gave out.  None of this is poor workmanship.  Au contraire.   Our Nomad is a very high mileage motorcycle and some of her parts are just wearing out.......sort of like us....if you know what I mean.
Off to visit my cousin, Madeleine at her El Paseo Drive condo in Palm Desert.
Madeleine and I have always kept in touch over the years.  She lives in Edmonton and I on the west coast of BC. When she winters here, from January to March, we always make a point of getting together.  Not having met Trevor and not ever having seen his and Ginette's kids, she was so keen to have us over to her place the other day.  And a fun one it was.
Madeleine is shaking hands with Easton
Before long, we were at the outdoor pool - with no one else around - and enjoying the cooling aspect on a super hot Palm Desert day. And the kids (young and younger) had a lot of fun. 

Brie and Easton finally got the point about wearing a sun hat for protection....but it did take some coaxing!
Before the regular nap times, Easton pulled an orange off from Madeleine's tree for the drive back to our RV.  He loved the fresh orange smell.

Back at our site, Easton woke from his nap before Brie and was back to playing with toys on the outdoor mat - his new play area.
Trevor - a licensed motorcyclist - had planned one day for a ride into the mountains.  We invited Lucky, our friend to join us for the day.  He was eager, as always, to get on his Harley.  I chose to ride our Nomad.....but sure considered renting a Harley for the day.  I have been having noisy issues with the bevel gear....and it would be only a matter of time before it would give out. But NO!  I thought my Nomad would see me through one more ride. But it would not!!!  Half way up mountain Highway 74, the clutch gave up.  I was forced to give up the ride at the Paradise Valley Cafe' - at the Highway 74 and California 371 turn off.  That clutch gave no evidence of wanting to quit working but it sure did....and quickly too....while riding up that high mountain road. No stress for me though....I just kept rolling the extra 20 minutes to the restaurant rather than quit and hang out on a very narrow road side (and most likely with no cell service).  The restaurant location offered clear cell service and the back up could have been their land line.

That was the end of the ride for me....but I encouraged Lucky and Trevor to keep riding.  And they did....till well after 4:00 pm yesterday (Friday).
Trevor rented his Harley Street Glide from Eaglerider at the JW Marriott Resort - Palm Desert on Friday morning.
My ride - without a working the Paradise Valley Cafe'....waiting for a tow truck.  (Friday 10:40 am)
With very good AAA road incident coverage, a large flat deck tow truck was dispatched and less than two hours later, the Nomad was placed on the deck for transport back to our site.  Although I considered taking the bike to a motorcycle repair shop in Rancho Mirage, I thought best to return it to our site. We leave back for home, in a few short weeks and the Nomad will be repaired once back.

Note to Self:  The much newer Harley Davidson Electra Glide will be the ride of choice come next winter's journey back to the desert.
Great service from these two fellas. (Loaded and ready for the drive back to our site @ 12:10 pm)
The truck driver who first appeared on the scene quickly admitted that he had never loaded a motorcycle on a flat deck.  His boss had asked him to wait for his arrival and they would work together to load it.  Although I have done this once before (due to a flat tire north of Eugene, Oregon on I-5) I held back offering advice.  Once both guys were on the scene though, I explained how I would load it and they bought into that.  And within minutes, the Nomad was securely fastened and we left back for Caliente' Springs resort.  Both guys thanked me for sharing some of my thoughts on how to load a large cruiser style motorcycle onto a flat deck.

It was a most pleasant return ride in the truck.  The driver, Vince was a prince of a guy and we enjoyed a solid 90 minute chat.
Jeanette made sure we had our very own swimming pool to keep the grand kids nice and cool on those very hot days.  And it worked.  They have had a lot of fun playing and splashing.
Brie is enjoying her very first desert camping trip.
Easton, on the other hand, sure enjoys being in the larger resort pools.
Back from his motorcycle ride - with Lucky - Trevor was quick to change into his bathing suit to cool off with the kids in the small pool.

Ginette and Trevor preparing to return the motorcycle to the rental place.
After dinner, I drove our truck while Ginette and Trevor rode the Harley Davidson back to the rental place in Palm Desert.  We hung out at the JW Marriott Resort, for about an hour; walking around and enjoying the lovely night air before returning back to our site.

And with the two little grand kids here, it is a very busy time.  But it is also a most lovely time spent too. complaints!  And our kids and theirs are enjoying a nice holiday away from their busy home and work lives.

And that covers things from here for now.

Thanks for dropping by.


  1. You've probably do this before but how are you going to load the bike on the Swivel Wheel without the help of the engine. Be Safe!
    Enjoy your time with the grands and the kids.

    It's about time.

    1. Friends and Neighbours.....willing to push should get the job done.....or perhaps a block and tackle....!

  2. What a wonderful trip for the kids!

  3. Great time with the Kids and wonderful weather. Too bad about your bike, but at least its fixable.

  4. You guys have waaaay too much fun!

  5. You guys have waaaay too much fun!