Saturday, March 21, 2015

Activities Keep Us Going.....

It has been an interesting week of relaxation, walking, visiting, cooling in the pools, attending a concert, entertaining friends, golfing and more. 

We had advanced tickets to the Kenny Hess concert here at our resort.  Several friends (within and outside the park) were attending too.  Kenny is a prolific songwriter with credits that include touring with several big name country music artists, writing more that 600 songs, and mounting some large music festivals.  He is best known as Canada's best known secret.  And....he is very talented and puts on a really, really good show.  He is a great story teller. He also wrote the song, '23 Days' that our daughter, Ginette recorded a few years back.

Check out his WEB site by clicking on the link below his photo.
Before Kenny's concert, we invited several folks over for an early happy hour followed by burgers on the grill.  It was a perfect late afternoon gathering.
L-R  Me, Hector, Stan, Lucky (other friends joined us at the concert)
L-R  Roz, Sharon, Trena and Diane.
Jeanette took the photos and was also busy with putting together a very nice outdoor style meal.  No one left hungry!
A collage of small toys that Jeanette put together for this photograph.  It includes a little toy that Brie played with and a toy motorcycle that she had purchased for Easton.  When our kids left back for home, they left behind a wide selection of kids clothes, some toys, a playpen and two child car seats.   We will haul those back with us on our return trip back for home.
Friday was a dedicated golf day.  One of my regular men's golfing partners, Fred and wife Pat are in Palm Desert for the month of March.  A prolific golfer, it was not long before we had lined up some golf.  That started in earnest with a first round at the Palm Desert Golf Course; the course where my nephew, Ted Genereux is the superintendent.  Ted is the youngest son of my oldest brother, Bernie and wife, Rita who call Yuma their winter home. 

The practice putting green at the Palm Desert GC
Ted recognized my truck when we were approaching the course.  He dropped by to say hello....and I finally got to meet his sidekick friend, Sadie his little dog of 12 years.  Ted had lined up our game at his course.  We had a nice visit before he was off to solve one problem before heading into a meeting.
Nephew, Ted Genereux with his pal, Sadie.
Our Tee off - at 10:44 am - was on time.  Fred joined Hector and I and we got to enjoy a truly fine golf round.  The course is in great shape.  The greens are true and fast.  And....there are plenty of traps and other obstacles to challenge our wit.
Fred with Hector......checking out the drive once the foursome ahead moved forward.
The golf course was busy.  And that is a good thing!  Even without a Marshall, the speed of play seemed OK. 
Hector's drive
Fred's drive over the water hazard.
My drive over the water hazard.
It may be hard to believe.....but we all hit long drives that placed us in good positions to reach the green with our second shot.
Great views....
The 9th hole (left) and the 18th (right).
Fred and his wife, Pat are staying at a resort nearby the Palm Desert Golf Course and we were invited over for hole #19.  That's where we could enjoy a refreshing beverage, with finger foods, while reliving our nice golf round....or chatting about Fred and Hector's favourite second hobby; fishing.  And fishing did occupy a large part of the conversation.

Pat was relaxing with her right arm propped up on a pillow, recovering from a severe break of her right wrist and arm from a recent fall.  The cast is now removed but it will take some time before she can get back to her love for the game of golf.
Some liquids to quench our thirst following a nice golf round.
Hector and I were to join other friends - including our spouses, Diane and Jeanette - at the Dillon Roadhouse.  When we arrived at the saloon, Richard 'The Canadian' was busy hosting his last snow birding karaoke show of the season.  The place was noisy and busy.  We had reservations.  Good thing too.  Our friends were all there....and we enjoyed a fine three hours of entertainment (some good karaoke singers and some not so good).  But everyone was having a fun time.
Hector's two sisters were there too.  This is a nice photo with L-R  Sharon (who calls Newfoundland home), Roz (who calls the Okanagan home) with Hector (who calls Vancouver Island home).
Our son Deni with his son Owen.
Back in Edmonton, Alberta, Jeanette's sister, Darlene sent some photos of a most recent visit she had with Deni and little Owen.  While Owen's mom, Courtney was busy being a nurse in a major Edmonton trauma centre, Deni took Owen for a nice country drive to visit their grandmother/great grandmother.
Mary does look forward to these visits.  And to have some face time with Owen is a gift.
Owen is an easy going little fella and he's quite OK with being handed off to people.  And the pleasure he brought to his great grandmother is beyond words.
A nice visit.
Jeanette's sister, Darlene with Owen.
And that's the way it's been with us and ours, this past week or so.

We have one more week in the desert before we begin our preparations to roll northward, back for home.  It's that time of the year.  Some of our friends have already headed north or are planning to do so in the days ahead.

That covers things from here, for now.  Thanks for dropping by.


  1. Great recap as always !!
    Hard to believe that the snowbird season is coming to an end already 😄

  2. It is that time of year again, glad you have been enjoying you times there with some great weather.

  3. Busy, busy! It's good when kids are so versatile!

  4. I hate water hazards, they seem to have some sort of golf ball magnets built into them. Good that you were able to have some nice drives OVER the water!