Monday, March 30, 2015

Moving Day

That's right!  Today we prepare to start our journey north and back for home on the Pacific southwest coast of British Columbia.  After two months here in Caliente' Springs Resort -with recent high temperatures reaching 104 F - it is time to return home.
Dinner out with Diane and Hector
Caught Hector under his coach - storing stuff for their mid-week departure
Yesterday was preparation day.  We put away most of the long term items, removed the sun shade and closed the awning.  Other than moving out of our site today, attaching the swivel wheel deck and loading the motorcycle, we're pretty well organized.
The blooming desert
Our last few walks around here has revealed some nice colours emanating from the desert plants.
Pretty cacti flower
With the recent high temperatures, our regular walks occurred early in the morning and after sunset in the evenings.  The desert does cool off once the sun sets in the west.   But during the day, our air conditioners were well exercised.
A final walk around the resort
One surprise this winter has to be the less than normal high winds this area can be prone to.  Oh sure....there were some windy days but not nearly the volume we've experienced in years past.
The view with a long lens
We have enjoyed a lovely winter touring around in southern Arizona and California.  We have met many interesting RVers, motorcyclists, golfers and bloggers and more.  We've made some new friends and got to spend time with friends we've met over the years.  It has been a rewarding time.
The lovely resort we called home for two months
We exercised our motorcycle and rode well over 4,000 miles.  We've spent time on the California coast, the local mountains, the sand dunes, and in several resorts.  We've put up with cool desert temperatures, unusually high volumes of rain and recent high heats.  We've seen spectacular sunsets and sunrises. And we've enjoyed every bit of the experience.
Mt. San Jacinto from the resort Par 3 golf course.
We now leave here with pleasant memories.  And we look forward to catching up with our families and friends back home and to make new memories throughout our spring, summer and early fall before - we trust - we can return to the desert we so enjoy during our winter snow birding journeys.

Thanks for dropping in.


  1. We wish you both safe travels on your journey home. Sure was nice seeing you both this year.

  2. Safe travels and may your adventure continue not just on the road but when you reach your destination.

    It's about time.

  3. All good things come to an end, but isn't it great that even better things await us down the road!

  4. Was great to meet up with again this year, and we all had a great warm winter, yours was warmer longer than ours but all good.

  5. I can handle the cold more than heat. 80 is too hot for me, 104 sounds awful. Safe travels!