Thursday, January 20, 2011

At Moabi River walk Regional Park - Needles, Ca

River walk and Marina - Moabi Regional Park
It has been quite a nice change to be parked for a few days in one place.  We are still at Moabi Regional Park - in the San Bernadino County.  We will be here till Tuesday, January 25, 2011.  We'll head for Scottsdale/Mesa at that time.

Yesterday was a day for golf with good friend Hector (from Vancouver Island).  We had a great day on the Needles Municipal Golf Course.   Not a bad course for the first round of the year.  Had a good front nine and kind of dozed off on two holes in the back nine.  What a great day though.  (No photos....cause I left the camera in the fiver).

Good day to unload the motorcycle and tootle around a bit.
Although today was a planned motorcycle ride, it was quite windy.  We chose to run errands and wait for a nice calm day to ride out to Oatman, Az, and continue a full circle ride back through Bullhead City, Az, on through Laughlin, Nev, then back to Needles and our temporary home on the Colorado River.

Another shot of the Moabi Regional Park, river walk.
Diane enjoying the warmth of the fire.

Life is good.

Our new good pet friend, Chico - the Portuguese Water Dog (same dog the Obama's brought to the White House). Chico belongs to Hector and Diane.  Wonderful disposition.....and incredibly smart dog.
We built a nice fire on the river beach and had a gourmet meal prepared by Diane and Jeanette.  With a full (and really bright) moon, calm waters, hot fire and howling coyotes, it made for a pleasant evening.

The 'cat lady', Jeanette with Rusty, a neighbour's Maine Coon cat.

We lost our beautiful 'Maine Coon' cat to cancer 18 months ago.  Jeanette could not hold back the attraction to this really nice cat.
Working on setting up the Shaw Direct satellite dish......AARGH!!!!
We spent far too many hours trying to work the new dish and receiver.  Having called Shaw's technical assistance number the night before, we - unfortunately - had a technician suffering from a bad case of "I hate my job" syndrome.  The next day we called again and we were blessed with a compassionate and most helpful technician who simply had to refresh our receiver and all was well.  The previous night - with the technician from hell - he told us that our receiver was defective; ship it back to Calgary, Alberta; have a new receiver sent to our BC home; have someone there ship it to Needles or elsewhere, ....and, .....well, get the picture.  Isn't it amazing how one's attitude can make such a difference.  Shaw will receive a formal letter from me upon our return to Canada.

More Canadians on the river walk dock.

Nice homes or cabins - privatly owned but, I believe, also in the rental pool.

And yet another shot taken by the river walk @ Moabi Regional Park.
Nothing more to report today.  We got some shopping done and now it's back to the rig.  I believe that I offered to vacuum the 5th wheel this afternoon.  Better get on that ASAP.

We're hoping that Jeanette's folks are enjoying the warmer temperatures in Alberta, following a few weeks of bitter cold and heavy snows.

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  1. what a great day you had!..thanks for letting us tag along!!!..nice maine coon! of my favourite kinds of cats..besides ragdolls, of course!!

  2. Looks like a beautiful spot you have there and it's nice to see you are all enjoying those night time campfires.

    Setting up the satellite dish can be extremely frustrating sometimes as one never knows whether it's the dish or the receiver when there's a problem.

  3. Oatman, AZ is a cool little spot and a great bike ride.