Friday, January 7, 2011

Making progress and loading the RV

A short blog today.  We are moving forward with the sale of our home and purchase of another.  The building inspections have been completed and approved, subject removal deadline is tomorrow (Saturday) and we should be set to roll out of here on Monday.
Getting loaded - albeit slowly but surely.

The rain is to let up today with the promise of sunny skies till mid next week.  We'll take advantage to load our 5th wheel in dry conditions.  I also have to  set up the new TV satellite dish, tripod, and receiver to test that out.  This will be a first attempt with that system....or any satellite.  I can always call the 1-800 number to get 24/seven assistance, if need be.As a complete newbie on that front, I'm sure I'll be making the call.
Our house sitter will be taking over our home when we leave on Monday.
Jeanette has moved forward with laundering the sheets and towels. Because the RV has been in storage for several months, we removed all pots, pans and dishes, and put them through our home dishwasher.  Now my job is to complete a detailed vacuum run inside.

Harbour near White Rock, BC
Now we load up with clothing, transfer household refrigerator items, load up the golf clubs, etc. then pull forward to hook up the swivel wheel for the motorcycle.  Tire pressures are up to date. We will dump the RV antifreeze, run fresh water through the system, take on a bit of White Rock water for the first leg of the trip, test out the systems and hopefully leave here with all system go.

That's it for today.  Thanks for looking in.


  1. Good luck getting everything ready. A good site to help with the dish setup is:

    We have had a lot of trouble over the years with the dish blowing over so make sure you anchor it well. I made a low profile mount for mine:

    Have fun and we will see you on the road!

  2. Croft,

    Thanks for the lead on dish set up WEB site. I recall reading your blogs when you had dish issues (falling over and damage) while you were in Mexico last winter. I also recall reading and seeing photos of your new dish set up - at the front of your car dolly, I believe.

    We too look forward to meeting on the road.


  3. how fun to be packing up and heading out!!..we envy you..we will be riding along..albiet in spirit anyway!!

  4. Was in your shoes a week or so ago. Load after load I carried out, put away. Thought, okay, that's it I'm done, and then before you know I'd have another load ready to go. It just doesn't seem to stop does it?
    Good luck..

  5. What you are doing sounds very, very familiar! I guess it's because we just went through the same process ourselves. Good luck and am looking forward to hearing about your trip.

  6. A fellow RV'er put us onto this satellite anchoring device a couple years ago & we have used it ever since. We get into a lot of big winds while boondocking in the desert sometimes & with our big 3' elliptical dish we were having trouble keeping it steady. This 'Claw' device has worked well for us & it's easy to use.

    Safe upcoming travels.....