Tuesday, January 11, 2011

In southern Washington State - Kelso, Wa.

We're overnighting in an RV park in Kelso, Wa.  The TV weather girl is calling for snow overnight.  What's with that?  The better news is that tomorrow (Wednesday) is calling for 50 degree + temps.  So....a cool evening (with snow) followed by rain and higher temps tomorrow. We'll take whatever comes.

Hooked up the 5th wheel, parked in the cul de sac, and readied the swivel wheel for the motorcycle
 We left yesterday afternoon and drove the few kilometres to the Peace Arch Border Crossing.  Navigating the new road in - and the 'S' curves away from - the USA NEXUS line was quite something, certainly with our long load.  No problems though. That new Homeland Security System is, I guess, one engineer's belief that by building 'S' curves, the bad guy - or girl - won't easily storm at high speed through the border.  Nice border crossing renovation though.  

NOTE:  For those of you who follow the blog, and recall my USA border incident a month or so ago, our border crossing was seamless.  I was not detained for having stolen my own truck.  LOL

Yesterday began with completing the move into the fiver, hooking up, attaching the swivel wheel, driving into the cul de sac and completing all tasks prior to leaving @ 1:30 pm.  With the motorcycle loaded, we handed our house keys to select neighbours - the house sitter already has hers - and away we drove.  Finally heading south!!!
Jeanette directed the activities and managed traffic control
Having tested the swivelwheel and motorcycle prior to this trip proved worthwhile.  Our experience on the road has been positive.We took Stu's advice (http://2takinga5th.blogspot.com/) and checked the swivelwheel and tie downs often.
Quite a good system....and a good alternative to hauling the motorcycle with us.

When we left the Bellingham area, there was no snow in the north end of the city but this is a shot at the south end of the city.  How interesting....and beautiful.

South side of the City of Bellingham, Wa
Tomorrow we'll head for southern Oregon and likely onvernight at the Seven Feathers Casino and RV Resort.  We have driven by there before but not with the 5th wheel. It is a worthwhile destination. We'll make that stop a special celebration because today - January 11, 2011 - is 38 years to the day that Jeanette and I went out on our very first date.  

Trouble free motoring to date and, albeit early in our destination to the sunny desert climes, we hope for more of the same in the coming days.

Thanks for dropping in.


  1. well happy happy anniversary to you..I would venture to guess that 38 years ago the conversation was not about heading south for the winter?..have a safe journey as you head further south..snowing here in Coquitlam!..right on cue!!

  2. Congrats on 38 years!! Also, congrats on getting away and crossing the border without incident. Hope you beat that snow south too!

    You'll love the Seven Feather's RV Resort!

  3. Happy Anniversary, Glad to see you had a good take off and border crossing, to bad some of the crossing are not as pleasant, but we can all blame 911 on that. I think it is harder for a US citizen to get back into the US than to enter Canada, we always appreciate the warm welcome we get and hope you guys receive the same when you enter our beautiful land.Have a safe and fun trip and we will be with you in spirit while we freeze here. Sam & Donna...