Saturday, January 29, 2011

Visiting with Friends in the Mesa, AZ area.

Gotta get that desert dust off.
Started yesterday morning with a good washing and detailing of the Nomad after better than two weeks on the road.
Meeting for lunch with good friends from back home.

Phil and Diane own a nice Park Model in this nice Mesa RV resort.
So we arrived promptly near 11:30 am.  Phil was busy with the vacuum cleaner and didn't hear us pull up.  Nice of him to vacuum the driveway for a freshly cleaned motorcycle.  That was a very nice gesture Phil!  Thanks.

They purchased in this park one year ago and have been enjoying their time making friends,golfing, and generally relaxing in the Arizona sunshine.

Quick tour of their park model.
Not sure what this 'bad boy' is up to......!!!
But it was obviously worth a laugh.
After a quick tour of their park model, we tootled off on a walk around their RV resort.  This is a smaller RV park with less than 1,000 spots.  It felt much better than the resort we are in that boasts better than 2,000 spots.

Their activity centre.  Nice and modern.
How about this for a dog park!!!
Overlooking the dog park area....and Phil contemplating all the reasons why he doesn't want a dog. Cutting into his golfing could be one very good reason?
Swimming pool.....and a huge crowd out for a lunch of sauerkraut and hot dogs.  Mmmmm....sure smelled good....and this crowd was really into this.
So after walking around the park and getting the two bit tour ....ah,.... I mean the 10 buck tour.....we headed back to Phil and Diane's place for a nice lunch out in the sunshine.
Front of their place.
A couple of Corona's with lunch......after all,..... it was long past 4:00 pm in Newfoundland.  Happy hour could start we did just that.

After a great lunch and a lot of kibitzing (talking a lot), we left for our short term home RV resort to attend a dinner put on by our other good friends, Ione and Annalia - also from our home area of White Rock and Langley, BC.

What a great day this was.  Lunch with Phil and Diane - dinner with Ione and Annalia - and all we had to just was just show up.  How nice is that???

Ione - in the kitchen -  and Annalia - working up the table setting - put on a 5 star dinner......!  WOW!

Although they were humble about the amount of work involved, we know they spent a good number of hours getting this five course meal prepared.  We really felt spoiled by them.
Two green girls with a blue bird in the middle.  I think Jeanette felt right a home.
So we dove into this scrumptious meal, savouring every bite, while enjoying the wine and interesting conversation.  It was a feast to remember.
So after a great day of motorcycling, having lunch with good friends, sharing dinner with other good friends, Jeanette and I walked back to our rig and exhausted the rest of the day with some reading.

A big thank you to Phil and Diane and to Ione and Annalia.

Tomorrow:  A blog about our wonderful day spent with our good friends from Montréal who winter in Gold Canyon.

SPECIAL THANKS: To  Hector and Diane (our RV friends from Nanaimo)
Prior to parting company in Moabi Regional Park in California,  Diane presented us with a wonderful gift for our 5th wheel.  While on the road, and during the seven days spent with them in Moabi and the Needles area, Diane knitted these beautiful dish cloths and oven pot holder.  Look at the colour this brought to our rig.  We love them.....and cherish the thought and effort in your work to create and complete them for us.  Looking forward to seeing you soon in the Yuma, AZ area.
Great colours for the interior decor of our rig.
Beautiful work.... We appreciate these more and more with every passing day.
That's all for today.  Thanks for stopping by.


  1. a triple great day...friends, food and memories!!

  2. What a great way to spend a beautiful winter day. Enjoying the sunshine and the company of good friends.

  3. I'd say you both had about a perfect day! Dinner looked terrific!

  4. Love your pictures. Your weather looks fantastic :)