Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Previously under cover - Now in sun and heat

Guess where?
This photo was taken two days ago @ Orange Grove RV park - Bakersfield, Ca.  Jeanette could not help herself.   She reaped quite the harvest.  Plenty of oranges to go around.  

We could not blog because the WiFi was so weak where our rig was.  I did not bother to walk up to the office for a better signal.

What a great spot to stop over.  Nice long sites for long rigs and the smell of oranges is wonderful.

This rig belongs to our new friends, Hector and Lady Di, from Vancouver Island.  As veteran RV'ers, we tagged along - at their invitation - and have had a great time.

The fog would not lift till we got to the summit - 4,000 + feet - between Bakersfield and Needles, Ca.  For the newbies, Needles is located a short drive south of Laughlin, Nevada, Bullhead City, Arizona, and about 90 minutes north from Quartzite.  We are camped along the Colorado River in a great spot.

The wonderful new found RV friends we met while @ 7 Feathers RV Resort in southern Oregon.

Left to right:  Trina (Lucky), Lady Di (Hector), Hector (Lady Di), me (Jeanette), Lucky (Trina), Aaron and his lovely wife Pat. Jeanette took the photo so she doesn't show in this group.  Trina and Lucky farm in the BC, Fraser Valley (Abottsford area), Hector and Lady Di are from Vancouver Island, and Aaron and Pat are from Cold Lake, Alberta.  We are all new found friends.  Neither one of us knew the other prior to meeting at 7 Feathers.  It has been a blast.

We're the only 5th wheelers of the foursome.  The others travel in Class 'A' motorhomes with toads. (A 'toad' is a vehicle that is towed behind an RV)

Blue skies, nice warm temperatures.....and, finally the end of the high fog and clouds.

We managed to set up our rigs in the same area - with full hook ups.  The suggestion to throw a pot luck together and enjoy a beautiful and warm evening by the Colorado River was just what we needed.  Great laughs, tall tales, and getting to know each other better proved to be a fantastic  evening.

Our site along side the Colorado River is top class.

Early morming coffee on the shore of the Colorado.  Two rigs are soon to depart for Quartzite.


  1. You guys are obviously having WAY too much fun!! LOL! Enjoy....

  2. What a beautiful spot on the Colorado River!

    It's pretty amazing to see how all you 'strangers' happened to just get together and are now traveling as friends!

    Nice haul of oranges at the Orange Grove!

  3. And that's how it happens, we have met more enjoyable people living this lifestyle, have fun!