Tuesday, January 25, 2011

In the Phoenix/Scottsdale/Mesa area

Beach @ Pirate Cove - Needles, CA

Rental cabins on the marina - Colorado River - Moabi Regional Park, CA

Another view of the beach.  A beautiful spot.
Well, after a solid week of rest, relaxation, golf, motorcycling, shopping, walking, and enjoying our time with Hector and Diane, it was an early morning start to today.  We loaded the motorcycle, stored all necessary things, hooked up to the truck, emptied all tanks, lifted the jacks and headed off for Lake Havasu.
Hector keeps an eye out while I ride the bike up the ramp.

Tugging hard to tighten the tie downs....under careful watch by Chico.
It was a beautiful morning.  No wind, bright sunshine....but some awful noise erupted nearby.  Jeanette went to check it out and this is what the ruckus was all about.

We were parked next to a creek or spillway to the Colorado River. This track hoe was clearing out some brush.

Jeanette witnessed some really upset muskrats who lost their home to this machine.
On our final night @ Moabi Regional Park, CA, we got together for an outdoor bar-b-q.  Burgers on the barbie were in order.  Yummy! Food seems to taste so much better outdoors. This was our last get together before heading our separate ways.  We will be meeting up later in our travels.
Here I am with new found friends, Hector and his wonderful Portuguese Water Dog (the same dog the Obama's have in the White House).  This is a great dog.  He so quickly won us over.  Unbelievably wonderful temperament.

So....with all the noise it seemed fitting to be leaving today for the Phoenix area.  We have several friends in the area we plan to visit.

Said our good byes in Lake Havasu.  Hector, Diane and their fine dog, Chico.

Jeanette's good bye to Chico.
We followed Hector and Diane to Lake Havasu where we exchanged RV hugs.  They were headed for Yuma.  We headed south towards Quartzsite then east on Highway 10 towards Phoenix.

On the road to Phoenix.
Lake Havasu

We rolled into Phoenix near 3:30 pm.  We chose to continue east on I-60 towards Mesa and Apache Junction.  Yup, we hit the afternoon rush hour traffic.  It was slow going for about 45 minutes or so but it was a seamless drive overall.  With the traffic delay and dusk approaching, we chose to boon dock in a Super Wal-Mart in east Mesa.  After checking in with the store manager - who was most accommodating - we headed for a much desired coffee joint, some dinner and a nice walk around.  

We are now sitting in Starbucks enjoying some pastry and coffee.We'll call it a night soon.

When morning comes, we'll find our RV spot and check in with our friends.

Thanks for stopping by.


  1. Chico is a cutie that is for sure..love the picture of him watching you load the motorcycle!..amazing that he has 'eyes in the back of his head' or was he just making sure that no one came along and bothered you??..have a safe trip tomorrow!!

  2. I enjoyed seeing your pics of Lake Havasu as we stayed there a few years ago and really enjoyed it.

    I know you're going to miss your new friends but I'm guessing the one you might miss the most is Chico!!