Sunday, January 16, 2011

In Lodi, Ca - Off to Bakersfield and points east.

This is our site in Lodi, Ca.  We arrived early in the afternoon - following a 3.5 hr. drive = mainly through fog.  With so much moisture sitting on the farm fields, the recent heat has created a semi dense fog. was eyes straight ahead on the road.  We simply could not see much; including the city of Sacramento skyline.

The services are awfully close to the slides.  This park designer did not think too well or this park was built long before slides were in vogue.  The post between the two back slies (port side) fit just right.  Jeanette guided me exactly in the middle point before the slides were opened,.  Good thing for the Motorola radios.....and good communication.

Jeanette took this shot from the living room, inside the RV.  I thought it wise to start the motorcycle and heat it up.  It started quickly and ran well. That is always a great sound to hear.

We were invited to have dinner with the good folks I spoke of in my blog, yesterday.  Although we didn't convoy, they invited us to overnight in this park and we said yes.  These are veteran travellers and we learn from their experience.  Dinner was good.  The companions even better. 

Sure wish I would have remembered to bring our camera to dinner.  We could have featured our gracious friends.  We'll try for a group photo before we roll out today.

Today we head down to Bakersfield.  From there we plan to head east towards Needles. We will likely follow Hector and Lady Di (his wife) who - with thier years of RV'ing and international travel - are a wealth of experience.  They invited us to tag along....and with such great folks, how could we say no.  We are looking for heat.

With Needles as a possible base for several days, we plan to motorcycle to Yuma to visit with my brother and his wife who winter there.  Hector and I have talked about hitting the links for a few rounds of much needed golf.  We seem to be suffering from golf DT's.  Hence, another good reason to tag along.  I have found a temporary golfing partner.

Although not cast in stone - and due to the fact that we have to be back in early March to move houses - we have had to alter our travel schedule.  Our loose plan is to spend a bit of time in Needles, travel in and around Laughlin, Bullhead City, Lake Havasu and Yuma.  From there we'll head to the Phoenix/Scottsdale area.  We have several friends and aquaintences there....and the golf is pretty good there too.  We could also get a visit from a good friend - or two - from White Rock who are also sufferning from golf DT's.  Our last stop would be in the Palm Springs area before heading north and back home.  

That's our plan - written on the bank of the tidal flows of the Pacific Ocean.  Yes, kind of wishy washy?  We're told that is life on the open road.  just go with the flow....whenever you can.  So......we will!



  1. that was a mighty tight squeez!!!!

  2. Great to see you've met some friends and are enjoying your trip south. We've stayed in Needles before at the KOA there, it was quite nice.

  3. I do hope and trust that the closing of escrow is more predictable in Canada than in the USA or your return to BC in early March will be much to soon. Enjoy the warmth and sunshine.

  4. Glad to see you on your way to warmer climates, even for a shorter time than you would have liked. We are also leaving earlier for the same reason. Have fun in all the places you wish to visit, and if you don't get to them, they get added to the LIST.