Saturday, May 28, 2011

The Duke of Edinburgh's Award

Proud father, Bob - The Alberta Lieutenant Governor, His Honour Colonel (Ret'd) The Honourable Donald S. Ehtell - Jonathon Gordeyko (the silver award recipient) - proud mom, Deb - and the Aide de camp for His Honour.
So, the significance of this you ask?  Our nephew, Jonathon Gordeyko, from Calgary, Alberta, was awarded the prestigious Duke of Edinburgh's Award last evening at the Alberta Government House - The McDougall Centre - in downtown Calgary.  In a city of this size - with it's sizable youth population - Jonathon was only one of 10 recipients.

Arriving at the McDougal Centre, downtown Calgary, on Friday evening.

Proud Auntie Jeanette, Jonathon, Dad and Mom.
For detailed information on this award, click on the following link:

The Duke of Edinburgh's Award is an international programme founded by the H.R.H. Prince Philip in 1956.  The award came to Canada in 1963 and was established in Alberta in 1976.  In the 34 years since, the organization has assisted thousands of young people in achieving this award.  The current registration numbers about 9,000 young people between the ages of 14 & 25.
Proud as punch!
Jeanette and I were invited to attend.  Who could say no to this.  It was really nice to witness this event.
Jeanette tried to present herself in some official role.  Nice try!!!

Waiting in the lobby before being directed to our seats.

The opening speeches.  The Lieutenant Governor seated - with his wife - right of screen.

Recipients told to give themselves a pat on the back.

The official presentation - and the exclusive silver award.

Jonathon is engaged in conversation with the President of the Duke of Edinburgh's Award, Jack Schneider.
 Jeanette and I really enjoyed being present and to share in Jonathon's big night.  Imagine just how much weight this award (and the gold award to come next) will play when included in his future resumes.
Jonathon in an informal discussion with the Lieutenant Governor.  Dad and mom,  Bob &  Deb enjoying the interchange.

Meeting Mrs. Ethell, the Lieutenant Governor's wife.

I engaged in chat with the 'Aide de camp' - the Lieutenant Governor's Armed Forces escort.  He is a member of the Calgary Highlanders.  We shared some good laughs.  What a nice young soldier this fella is.

Enjoying the reception following the awards presentation.

Proud mom with her son.

Proud Aunt, Jeanette with Jonathon and mom, Deb.

A few minutes after we returned to the Gordeyko residence, our son Deni and Courtney arrived from Edmonton, Alberta, to spend the weekend celebrating Jonathon's award and his soon to be graduation from high school.

Three sisters:  Jeanette, Darlene and Deb.
Darlene had driven in from St. Paul, Alberta, earlier in the day.  Here she is awarding her two sisters with a fun gift.  Although an inside joke of sorts, we all had a good laugh.  It would require a Masters Thesis to explain this but I wanted to throw it in the blog for those in the know.
This hat say it all!

Check out these sleuths with their official badges.

So, we celebrated late into the evening.  Today presents a beehive of activities in the kitchen as the household prepares for a large group of young people - older ones too - to celebrate Jonathon's award and his graduation.  Good fun to come.

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Friday, May 27, 2011

Alberta Bound

Wednesday night birthday dinner with our daughter Ginette (in white), her friend Nicole, and Jeanette and I.

Ginette flew into Vancouver from Edmonton, Alberta, on her birthday, this past Wednesday so we had a dinner celebration in her honour.  Her primary reason for flying in from Edmonton was to join 11 other girls for a 'stagette' to Las Vegas.    The girls left early Thursday morning for 'Lost Wages, Nv.'

Heading beyond Hope...that's Hope, BC
Jeanette and I left for a 10 hour drive from home to Calgary, Alberta.  We left in the rain.
Wet roads....but traffic was light.

We headed north to Merritt and Kamloops on the famed Coquihalla Highway.
The snow melt - and endless rains - leads to raging streams and rivers.

True to fashion, the Coquihalla Highway summit saw snow plows and snow accumulations.  Although an unusual occurrence at this time of the year, the Coquihalla does surprise drivers.  We had to switch to 4X4 at one point.  The road was icy.

This snow covered landscape was exposed grasses just a few days ago.
Very sloppy conditions.....and it only lasted for about 15 minutes before descending into the Quilchena Valley near Merritt, BC.
Three Valley Gap Resort - on the Trans Canada Highway #1

One of the numerous highway tunnels.

Low lying clouds.

We saw well over 50 of these waterfall runoffs from the rainfall and snow melt.
New mega million dollar bridge over one of the never ending canyons - east of Golden, BC.

Nice stone cutting - blasting really!  Part of the 400 year plan to twin the Trans Canada Highway through the Rocky Mountains..

Near Field, BC - site of one of North America's worst rock slides.
Approaching Banff National Park in the province of Alberta.
The rain would not stop.  Our windshield wipers worked for the entire road trip.  Quite unusual, really!  We arrived in Calgary at dinner time.  Thanks for dropping by.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Blogging Issues....and RV Friends


Not sure if anyone else out there in blogland has had 'log in' issues.  I sure have.  For the past two days I have not been able to log in.  I spent several hours reading blog 'help' issues....all with no relief.  I also sent Blogger some messages stating I could not access.  Let  me put it this way, I tried every darned possible thing- all with no result. 

After a frustrating couple of hours this evening, I finally received a few messages from blogger; logged on and WOW, I was able to log in again.  I have no idea why I could not log in.  Blogger did not mention any reasons in its email communications.  Bizarre!!

Blogger is now working so I'll move forward with the blog I wanted to write about yesterday - Monday.  Bizarre !!!


Filler up!

Although the sun would not peek out of the clouds, it appeared to be a 'rainless day."  So, off we rode.

We ended up here - in the eastern Fraser Valley - backing on to Vedder Mountain.
It was here - at this farm - that we visited with one of the several RV friends we made during this past winter's journey south to the sunny Arizona and California climes.

This photo was taken in Desert Hot Springs - February, 2011

Lucky and Trena have a beautiful 45' Monaco Class 'A' motorhome. We first met last January at the 7 Feathers RV Resort and Casino, in southern Oregon. Along with two other couples in Class 'A's, we ended up driving and RV'ing in convoy till we reached our respective destinations.  We also re-connected a few times during our winter sojourn.

Jeanette is busy taking this photo of me, Trena and Lucky.  It was nice enough to sit out on the deck.

 Lucky was into a good chin wag.....!  He's always got a great story to tell.

The sun made a surprise appearance.  That was really appreciated.

Preparing to head off.  Lucky and Trena have a beautiful and well manicured farm.
So, with promises made to keep in touch, we left them to their task of readying for a BC interior fishing and camping trip. 
Another farm yard scene on our ride towards Harrison Hot Springs.
It was a good coffee and chat - always is with those two RV'ers.  Then,  Jeanette and I headed further east toward Cultus Lake, north past Chilliwack and over the Fraser River, and into Harrison Hot Springs. 
Can you see what this big thing is ahead of us?

Whatever this farmer does with this honey wagon was inconsequential cause I very, very quickly got ahead of him.  That's farming!!!

Another nice pastoral farming scene.  We always enjoy the scenery in the Fraser Valley.

That was our holiday Monday - well spent reconnecting with wonderful RV'ers, catching up on their world, and generally enjoying the beauty of the region.

Shorty after we returned home, our son called from Edmonton.  He, our daughter and husband, and friends had just returned from a quad/camping weekend in the foothills of the Alberta Rockey Mountains.  Good hearing from you, Deni.  And nice to hear about the fun and adventures of your weekend.

Thanks for dropping by.  I'll blog about our time in Harrison Hot Springs in a later b log.